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Building Medication Into Your Day
[ January 13th 2016  5:46 am ]

In this video I talk about the practical part of using prescription medication. I give ideas about building it into your day, methods of recording what you've used to avoid taking it twice and managing some of the common side effects.

Burst Copper Pipe Repair Discussion
[ February 28th 2016  12:20 pm ]

My copper pipes froze and burst during an extreme cold winter storm. It has been the most extreme challenge I've faced thus far with my physical disability. I've made this video to share how they were repaired and I was able to get the water to my home back on. This isn't a demonstration of plumbing. This video is to share my knowledge and would help someone in a similar situation know how to approach the problem. It would also be good for a home owner who has little knowledge of plumbing before calling a plumber to make a repair.

Canadian Geese
[ May 9th 2017  10:54 am ]

One of the benefits to using a power wheelchair is being able to enjoy nature and speak to people as I go about doing my errands. There are so many special and unforgettable moments that have happened. As I went to the hardware and grocery stores I came upon these Canadian Geese. I hope these bring as much joy to you as they did to me.

Canadian Geese Feeding On The Water
[ June 10th 2017  12:01 am ]

While doing my errands I drove past this flock of Canadian Geese feeding on the water. I had a thoroughly enjoying time watching them as the video recording their dining experience.

Celebrating A Moment Of Grief With A Stranger
[ December 22nd 2017  12:51 am ]

Today I had a very special opportunity to impact a stranger with her grief. I share about this encounter with this stranger with the expectation others turn to the Internet in their grief and sorrow looking for comfort and hope.

Chair With Wheels Into Planter Hack
[ April 29th 2016  4:29 pm ]

In this video I show how I convert a worn out chair with wheels into a planter on wheels. I am growing a tangerine tree. I live in Canada. I need to be able to bring the tangerine tree indoors during the winter months. The use of wheels will make this easy for me on account of my physical disability. As well the wheels will make house cleaning around the tree easy.

Challenges With Romance Caused By A Disability
[ February 11th 2017  4:32 am ]

There has been a lot to think about in terms of pursuing romance, marriage and raising a family on account of my physical disability and the effects the chronic pain has on my life. In this video I share these, about conversations I've had and solutions I've worked out. It isn't that I am married. This is something I've given a lot of consideration because of how much I've enjoyed life.

Challenge To Technically Inclined Hover Board Owners
[ February 22nd 2016  11:13 am ]

I have the idea that a hover board could be converted to a power wheelchair by adding a second pair of wheels, seating system and joystick for control. As well multiple options could exist for the wheel bearings based on the users need and use of a wheelchair. The cost of medical equipment is extremely expensive. I want to see the price come down. I feel the invention of the hover board is able to result in a cost effective wheelchair. I don't have the money to pursue this idea. Instead I've made this video to share my thought. I am hoping someone will run this idea.

Changing A Bathroom To Accommodate A Physical Disability
[ November 9th 2015  2:42 am ]

This is a video documenting the changes made to my bathroom to accommodate my physical disability. This also includes many candid anecdotes and lessons learned over the years which correspond to my personal hygiene. Captioning is included to help you make a list of tools you could consider using to modify your bathroom for accessibility. This is designed to be educational and encourage increased independence for physically disabled individuals.

Changing A Wheelchair Caster Bearing Demonstration
[ December 18th 2016  3:54 pm ]

In this video I demonstrate how I change a bearing in the caster of my power wheelchair. I used a screw driver to remove the old bearings and a rubber mallet to seat the bearing. I do this to engage in the best quality of life possible. In doing this myself when pain doesn't inhibit me I am able to work on my own schedule and not that of a service technician. This is peace of mind for evenings, weekends and holidays.
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