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Assurance You Aren't Less Of A Person When You Are Struggling
[ February 25th 2016  9:52 pm ]

Today I've spoke with three people, all of whom have some form of a disability presenting serious challenges to their life. People open up to me when they see my power wheelchair. I can't hide my physical disability. I've made this video to bring hope to those who are struggling that you aren't less of a person who you are struggling.

A Starting Point Following A Serious Accident Or Illness
[ June 6th 2018  1:30 am ]

In this video I share a set of starting points for someone who just experienced a debilitating illness or serious accident. The purpose of this video is to bring focus and direction when life has suddenly become upside down. The purpose of this video is to provide a baseline in re-establishing your day to day life. In turn this will allow you to engage in the enrichment activities which bring joy, meaning and purpose in life. This is a video both for the person going through the life changing event, their family and loved ones. I've created this to start a helpful dialogue. With how a debilitating illness or injury affects the person this may also be used to stimulate helpful and meaningful discussions.

A Strategy To Determine Your Order Of Priorities
[ December 23rd 2016  2:36 pm ]

I've documented the strategy I employ to manage my order of priorities (what I am going to do 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) to manage the best quality of life possible. I've done this so I am not always thinking about what I could be doing when my body is weak. It is going to improve my efficiency and promote greater independence. I also offer this as a strategy to youth transitioning into their adult life to manage the increasing responsibilities.

A Talk On Fall Prevention And What You Have Control Over
[ June 5th 2018  12:22 am ]

I've recorded this talk to support those who fall because of the short comings of their body. The content of this video is an overview to managing the risk of falling. I've made this to give courage and the practical skills you will need to work on to limit the risk of falling. I've made this video in the hopes of giving you the best quality of life possible.

A Tool For Improving Quality Of Life With A Physical Disability
[ April 30th 2018  7:27 am ]

This is a tip for improving your quality of life when you have a physical disability. I realized this week there has been a shift in my thinking. The deep cleaning of my home has become about creating an environment where I can do at home once what was easy for me to do with my friends when I could freely hang out. I still have the will to live my life. It is a matter of thinking "outside the box" in creative ways to enjoy life.

At Sunset In June 2018
[ June 12th 2018  10:41 pm ]

I filmed tonight's sunset from 3 locations. I've had a lot going on during the past few weeks. It was wonderful having some quiet time, just to be in the moment and enjoy life.

Attitude Towards Life
[ April 25th 2016  11:24 pm ]

I've recorded this video about a persons attitude towards life. I share some of what I've gone through with my disability and speak of encouragement to persevere.

Basic French Toast
[ December 1st 2015  1:10 pm ]

I'm making French Toast for breakfast this morning. In this video I share the preparation. I want to highlight my use of an electric wheelchair as I prepare this. I hope this is an inspiration to all.

Be All You Can When A Wheelchair Is Your Mobility
[ February 10th 2017  7:39 am ]

I've made this video to motivate those people who rely on a wheelchair for their mobility to be all they can be in this life.

Before You Buy A Scooter
[ August 13th 2016  7:40 pm ]

I saw an elderly man who had just purchased a scooter. It was apparent the sales person didn't help him think through how he would use it for things like grocery shopping. I've made this video to remind those who will be buying a scooter to talk about how they will use the scooter so they buy the right model to fit their needs and lifestyle.
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