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Assessing The Need For In Home Care And Support: Transfers
[ March 10th 2016  9:59 am ]

In this segment I discuss the logistics and safety issues related to transfers. In my thinking the ability to transfer is essential for you to maintain living in your home environment.

Assurance Children Adapt To Your Physical Disability
[ August 10th 2016  12:28 am ]

Today I was re-assured of a child's ability to adapt to a parent with a physical disability. When I was out shopping I saw a boy put the bags on his dad's power wheelchair. I've wrestled with becoming a parent and the child's quality of life. I am re-assured the child would adapt and be accepting of me.

Assurance You Aren't Less Of A Person When You Are Struggling
[ February 25th 2016  9:52 pm ]

Today I've spoke with three people, all of whom have some form of a disability presenting serious challenges to their life. People open up to me when they see my power wheelchair. I can't hide my physical disability. I've made this video to bring hope to those who are struggling that you aren't less of a person who you are struggling.

A Strategy To Determine Your Order Of Priorities
[ December 23rd 2016  2:36 pm ]

I've documented the strategy I employ to manage my order of priorities (what I am going to do 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) to manage the best quality of life possible. I've done this so I am not always thinking about what I could be doing when my body is weak. It is going to improve my efficiency and promote greater independence. I also offer this as a strategy to youth transitioning into their adult life to manage the increasing responsibilities.

Attitude Towards Life
[ April 25th 2016  11:24 pm ]

I've recorded this video about a persons attitude towards life. I share some of what I've gone through with my disability and speak of encouragement to persevere.

Basic French Toast
[ December 1st 2015  1:10 pm ]

I'm making French Toast for breakfast this morning. In this video I share the preparation. I want to highlight my use of an electric wheelchair as I prepare this. I hope this is an inspiration to all.

Be All You Can When A Wheelchair Is Your Mobility
[ February 10th 2017  7:39 am ]

I've made this video to motivate those people who rely on a wheelchair for their mobility to be all they can be in this life.

Before You Buy A Scooter
[ August 13th 2016  7:40 pm ]

I saw an elderly man who had just purchased a scooter. It was apparent the sales person didn't help him think through how he would use it for things like grocery shopping. I've made this video to remind those who will be buying a scooter to talk about how they will use the scooter so they buy the right model to fit their needs and lifestyle.

Being An Advocate For Health Related Ailments Which Affect You
[ March 29th 2016  12:43 am ]

While I was out grocery shopping this evening another customer (spoke to me. Often children speak up. This time it was an adult. She spoke to me about how well I drove my power wheelchair, hip replacement surgery and some of the issues happening in our health care that affect me. I've made this video to encourage those who are affected by health ailments to be an advocate and give a human face to what it is your facing. I realize not everyone is going to be comfortable doing this. Being a face will help raise awareness and support as cutbacks occur to health care and social assistance. I think of this like a grass roots cause: That people understand the effects of decisions that are being made and may join us in the fight for treatment options and resources needed to improve our quality of life.

Being A Role Model To Children And Youth
[ July 30th 2017  12:41 am ]

Today was a very special day. i had 3 incredibly special moments which would not have happened if I hadn't lost my mobility and depended on a wheelchair. The lesson in this looking for the 'silver lining' in your circumstances, building on the positives in your life and finding solutions to the challenges or emotional stress you are facing.
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