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A Reflection On A Cancer Diagnosis
[ December 19th 2016  11:46 pm ]

After my mom dying from cancer when I was 21 and my dad presently palliative with liver cancer I've made this video to share reflections and lessons I've learned. I've made this give hope and courage in the midst of the sobering nature of cancer treatment. This is also a reminder to treat the person diagnosed with cancer as a person making the most of each day.

A Reminder To Support Youth In Your Community
[ June 28th 2016  8:21 am ]

This morning I drove myself to the local hardware store using my power wheelchair. On the way home I saw a teen walking. The school year is coming to a close. I asked him how school was and his plans for the coming fall. As our paths were travelling in the same direction I listening to him and shared some of my life to encourage him. As this young man shared some of the struggles in his day to day life I saw that he was strong and a few words of encouragement were in order. It reminded me again of how precious today's youth are. I've made this video as a reminder to support the youth in your community. I am not referring solely to tangible items. I am also referring to taking the time needed to listen and equip for their adult lives. Being a young man or a young woman growing up has it's share of challenges.

"Are You The Guy That Is Friends With All The Boys?"
[ January 4th 2017  11:18 pm ]

Tonight has been a night of two extremes. I had a wonderful time while in the pool. A boy using the pool asked me if I was the guy that is friends with all the boys. It returned the balls as a group of boys were using the swimming pool net. It was fun and rewarding. The other extreme is the swelling and severe sharp pain this has caused me. It has come with a personal price. It is part of the journey I am on.

A Simple Jig To Spray Paint Metal Tubing
[ May 22nd 2016  3:15 pm ]

I am working to remove rust which has developed on my power wheelchair over the past 5 years. In this video I show the simple jib I made to spray paint the arm rest.

A Simple Way To Add USB Lighting To Your Wheelchair
[ December 15th 2017  3:44 pm ]

In this video I share the idea of using USB LED lights on your wheelchair as a simple and uncomplicated method for lighting your power wheelchair.

Assessing The Need For In Home Care And Support: Combing Hair
[ March 12th 2016  6:43 pm ]

In this segment I discuss combing your hair. I also address strategies to do this when chronic pain or a physical disability makes this challenging.

Assessing The Need For In Home Care And Support: Dressing
[ March 12th 2016  11:35 am ]

In this segment I address how to gain and regain your independence by learning how to dress yourself using the available tools: a reacher - grabber, a long hand sock horn and long handle shoe horn. Dressing yourself using these tools is a skill an occupational therapist may teach you. This skill is especially handy if you are planning a surgery, recently undergone surgery or have suddenly become paralyzed in part of your body. and are adjusting to a new lifestyle.

Assessing The Need For In Home Care And Support: Introduction
[ March 8th 2016  10:59 pm ]

The introduction video to the 'Assessing The Need For In Home Care And Support' series. The focus of this series is maximizing your independence while acknowledging the specific areas in life you need help. In this series I review 19 tasks associated with daily living. Numerous examples are giving on how to approach each task.

Assessing The Need For In Home Care And Support: Medication
[ March 14th 2016  4:18 pm ]

In this segment I address strategies to manage the use of prescription medication. This includes using a medication journal and a pill pill box. I also discuss the topic of having the mental acuity for using the medication as prescribed.

Assessing The Need For In Home Care And Support: Toileting
[ March 14th 2016  8:58 pm ]

In this segment I discuss options which exist for toileting when assessing your independence and living arrangement. This will be especially helpful for individuals who are recovering from surgery, have experienced a stroke or have experienced some form of paralyzation. Key points of discussion adapting your toilet, the use of an urinal or bed pan and adult briefs when the loss of bladder or bowl control has occurred.
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