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A Mild Winter Day
[ January 9th 2016  5:43 pm ]

After my medical appointment I took a few minutes to enjoy nature before the para transit vehicle picked me up and returned me home. I grouped the three short videos together for anyone who needs a short mental break while working today. There is no audio in this clip.

An Amazing Time In The Pool Last Evening
[ July 7th 2016  2:18 pm ]

I've made this video to share the amazing time I had at the pool last night while I was doing my physiotherapy. It closes with a challenge: What can you do to be actively involved in your health care treatment?

An Autumn Sunset Montage
[ October 10th 2017  1:31 am ]

I've had a very demanding and challenging few weeks. I've not had the down time I need. Tonight I filmed the sunset as I relaxed. It was awe inspiring. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm posting this to help others who didn't have the opportunity to enjoy this.

An Early Spring Canadian Sunset
[ April 7th 2017  11:43 pm ]

Today my chronic pain went out of control. The effect this had on me was close to vomiting. I needed to do something with the frustration. After the switch back to 'Day Light Savings Time' I've been really enjoying watching the sunset while doing my physiotherapy in the pool. Since I was running late tonight I brought my digital camera with me and took some photos as the sunset. Here in Canada it is early spring. Nature photography always gets my mind off the set of challenges which come from living with chronic pain and a long term physical disability.

An Evening At The Gym
[ January 17th 2017  11:30 am ]

I had a good time last evening playing with some youth in the pool, watching others play basketball and interacting with some young adults. It has been enjoying watching them. I've also had a really good visit with the young adults. It is amazing how they accept me and aren't discriminatory towards me with my physical disability.

A New Perspective On Having A Bad Day
[ October 13th 2016  12:08 am ]

Today has been a very challenging day to me on account of my physical disability and chronic pain. A comment made by a staff member where I do my physiotherapy put the challenges of today into perspective. I've made this video to encourage those people who are struggling and needing fresh hope.

Answering How I Have The Will To Engage In Activities Which Cause Debilitating Pain
[ September 28th 2017  10:12 pm ]

I've made this video in response to being asked how I have the will to engage in activities which cause debilitating pain. In this video I discuss making decisions effecting your quality of life, finding joy and experiencing rewarding moments. I also talk about being more than a medical diagnosis, having the health care community recognize you as a person and being motivated to help you. Finally I include some examples of a compromise: Doing the most with your productive hours in the day. This is a topic I am very passionate about. I hope this message will reach many who have to deal with the challenges I also experience with chronic pain.

An Unexpected Christmas Present
[ December 31st 2016  9:29 am ]

I want to share about an unexpected Christmas present someone living on my street gave me. It is small but has a big impact on my quality of life.

An Update About My Life - Treatment - Goals
[ December 18th 2017  6:38 pm ]

This video is an update about my life. I've talked some about my childhood and the effects Legg Perthes disease is having on my body and life. I am happy to share the progress I've made with deep cleaning my home. I talk about some of my goals for 2018.

Apply Heat Shrink Tubing To Wires
[ October 22nd 2017  10:02 pm ]

In part this video is a demonstration of how to apply heat shrink tubing. As someone with a physical disability I've also made this video to inspire. Specifically I encourage you to pursue your dream and keep pressing forward in life.
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