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Adult At Home Dental Care With Weakened Tooth Enamel
[ June 23rd 2016  11:08 pm ]

I suffered with Legg Perthes disease when I was 2 years old. As my treatment progressed I was prescribed medication which weakened my tooth enamel as my adult teeth began to form. In this video I speak of the strategy I've developed with my dentist to maintain the best oral hygiene. I am making use of an electric tooth brush and high strength fluoride tooth paste.

Advanced Meal Preparation To Facilitate Medical Treatment
[ November 6th 2016  1:15 am ]

Part of planning ahead for medical treatment requires meal preparation. In this video I talk about the strategy I use. Even for those people who don't like cooking or find it hard I think some of the tips I share will help make this task easier to manage.

A Eureka Moment For Someone In A Wheelchair Dating An Able Body Person
[ March 8th 2016  5:25 pm ]

While out shopping this afternoon I came across an able body customer whose husband depends on an electric wheelchair for his mobility. She demonstrated to me her ability to walk along side the power wheelchair controlling it. It was a gentle reminder of the possibility of dating an able body person and not limiting myself with my dependence upon an electric wheelchair.

A Lesson In Listening
[ February 2nd 2017  10:18 am ]

Each person has the ability to contribute to their community. Even when an illness or disability has rocked a persons world they could still contribute to their community by listening to, supporting and encouraging others. This doesn't cost money, only time. I've made this video to share some lessons I apply as I support others by listening to them.

All About Pneumatic And Foam Filled Wheelchair Tires
[ June 18th 2017  12:19 pm ]

In this video I talk about the difference of foam filled and pneumatic (air) tires on a power wheelchair. I also share some practical tips in address punctures which cause flat tires.

A Look At Canadian Countryside Riding VIA Rail
[ March 12th 2017  9:52 am ]

This is a video I took while riding home from a medical appointment on 'VIA Rail'. This is the national passenger train service in Canada. I have really fond memories of riding the train as a child going to my medical appointments for the treatment and monitoring of my Legg Perthes disease. Spending time in nature continues to strengthen me as I enjoy God's creation. I share some more of my story and the present challenges I am dealing with as the train ride video plays.

A Look At My Power Wheelchair Maintenance Tool Kit
[ November 13th 2016  12:09 am ]

Over the past year I've gathered a variety of tools and kit to perform maintenance on my power wheelchair. I see social assistance funding being cut back. Learning how to perform the maintenance is a quality of life issue. It is assurance that if I have a break down in the evening, weekend or holiday I can get back up and running if it is routine maintenance. I've also discovered how easy it is to source parts after doing research into what is best suited for my needs. Since the wheelchair is out of warranty.

A Look At Worn Out Wheelchair Tires
[ December 15th 2016  1:04 pm ]

The purpose of this video is to give a visual indication of what worn out power wheelchair tires look like. I also share the impact on worn treads on the power wheelchair performance and a few maintenance tips I've acquired during the past few years of using a power wheelchair for my mobility.

A Message For Youth: Sex Is Worth Waiting For
[ August 16th 2017  10:42 pm ]

I've recorded this video for the youth who use my channel. I've made this video for youth to think about their values, planning in life and to be intentional about their decision to have sex.

A Message Of Hope For Those Who Have Anger Issues
[ May 3rd 2017  1:11 am ]

I've made this video for those individuals who have anger issues and the people who care about them. I talk about the value of asking for help so you are able to grow as a person and move on in your life.
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