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Adding Underarm Pad To Broken Crutch Underarm Support
[ May 22nd 2016  8:08 pm ]

My full size crutches have fell several times. One instance broke part of the plastic housing for the underarm support. In this video I show how I am using glue to adhere the underarm support to what remains of the plastic housing. This is really important to me. I don't live in a "disposable" mindset. I would rather repair my crutch than start with a new pair. While the glue was curing I spoke for a minute to inspire those who will watch this video to become all they are able and not to let your mind hold you back from having dreams. I want to see you make the best of your circumstances.

Adding US Plug To EU Device
[ June 1st 2017  10:38 pm ]

In this video I talk about how I used ABS cement to joint an EU to US plug adapter to my battery charger after buying this online.

Addressing The Injustice Of My Physical Disability To Youth
[ February 4th 2016  9:10 am ]

Last evening while attending my water based physiotherapy some of the youth asked me more questions about the injustice of my physical disability. I reflect on this dialogue and challenge you to live your life to the fullest.

Adhering An LED Flash Light To An Electric Wheelchair
[ October 30th 2015  10:37 pm ]

A video showing the steps taken to adhere an LED flash light to an electric wheelchair.

Adjusting To Your Physical Disability
[ June 28th 2016  9:09 am ]

It was a big adjustment when I began using a power wheelchair in 2009. I needed to learn how to live all over again. I've made this video to support those who are enduring the same transition. I've included some of the practical steps I initially took to help someone who is new to this life style get started.

Adjusting Your Mobility To Your Body
[ January 29th 2017  6:55 pm ]

I've made this to help you think through what your mobility is and how to maximize your quality of life so you may excel and enjoy life.

Adult At Home Dental Care With Weakened Tooth Enamel
[ June 23rd 2016  11:08 pm ]

I suffered with Legg Perthes disease when I was 2 years old. As my treatment progressed I was prescribed medication which weakened my tooth enamel as my adult teeth began to form. In this video I speak of the strategy I've developed with my dentist to maintain the best oral hygiene. I am making use of an electric tooth brush and high strength fluoride tooth paste.

Advanced Meal Preparation To Facilitate Medical Treatment
[ November 6th 2016  1:15 am ]

Part of planning ahead for medical treatment requires meal preparation. In this video I talk about the strategy I use. Even for those people who don't like cooking or find it hard I think some of the tips I share will help make this task easier to manage.

A Eureka Moment For Someone In A Wheelchair Dating An Able Body Person
[ March 8th 2016  5:25 pm ]

While out shopping this afternoon I came across an able body customer whose husband depends on an electric wheelchair for his mobility. She demonstrated to me her ability to walk along side the power wheelchair controlling it. It was a gentle reminder of the possibility of dating an able body person and not limiting myself with my dependence upon an electric wheelchair.

A Lesson In Listening
[ February 2nd 2017  10:18 am ]

Each person has the ability to contribute to their community. Even when an illness or disability has rocked a persons world they could still contribute to their community by listening to, supporting and encouraging others. This doesn't cost money, only time. I've made this video to share some lessons I apply as I support others by listening to them.
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