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About Joining A Gym When You Have A Disability
[ February 2nd 2017  10:02 am ]

This video contains tips I've learned for managing the needs of my physical disability while attending a gym for physiotherapy. I don't have coverage for performing my exercises at a physiotherapy clinic several times a week. The use of a gym is the practical alternative. Also since this is long term it would eventually become impractical to be doing my exercises at a physiotherapy clinic. I hope some of my tips and life lessons are able to help you in your journey.

A Canadian Fall Sunrise
[ November 1st 2017  11:20 pm ]

I've needed some quiet time. Earlier this week I filmed this sunrise. I had originally been planning to record a separate commentary to go with this video. But I want to be real and transparent in my journey. I expect there are some of you who also need some quiet time. Perhaps your physical challenges prevent you from attending in person. This video is unedited, as I saw it. I hope it is as helpful to you as the down time gave me in thinking about my life, direction and enjoy God's creation.

A Challenge To Be Yourself
[ October 14th 2017  1:07 am ]

I've made this video to challenge you in defining yourself, your skills and abilities. I am wanting to remind you that you are more than a medical diagnosis. I encourage you to not become lost in ongoing medical appointments or the challenges of daily living and loose the unique defining moments of your life.

A Challenge To Think Before You Act
[ March 8th 2017  8:14 am ]

I've made this video as a gentle reminder to think before you act. The reason for this is so you won't regret the decisions you've made, especially ones made while you are emotionally charged. I see this as a life skill. I've explained the technique I use.

A Challenging Week Ending Well
[ January 27th 2018  9:42 pm ]

I've had an incredibly frustrating week. My programming goals didn't work. I have been trouble shooting all well to likely conclude a defective hard drive is the problem. But it ended so well when a number of youth and young adults were happy to see me last night when I went to use the pool for my exercise.

A Child Made Me A Late Christmas Present
[ January 11th 2018  6:41 pm ]

This evening was very special at the facility where I use the pool for my physiotherapy. I offered my support to a dad and his children who are working through what life will look like following the divorce. I had a very big surprise: One of the children made me a Christmas present and gave it to me this evening. I also had some special time with a boy about 10 years ago and youth in their mid teens. I've thoroughly enjoy this evening. This was equally followed up with a dialogue about accessibility needs with one of the young adults I know attending an engineering university course. Finally I share the hard drive I've purchased to record myself playing the electric piano. I hope this video will inspire.

A Conversation With A Blind Man
[ December 28th 2016  10:14 pm ]

I've had a very inspiring conversation with a man who is blind. I was also in awe of this man interacting with his young daughter in the pool. I've also spoke on the topic of treating people with disabilities as individuals and not their specific ailment, other than making practical provision for it during your interactions.

Adding A CAT 7 Ethernet Cable To Existing Buried Conduit
[ June 3rd 2018  9:52 pm ]

In this video I talk about added an upgraded Ethernet cable to the buried conduit in my yard. I talk about the steps this involved and show some photos to give tips to others doing the same. I am getting ready to begin using the building as office space. This will give me the speed and connectivity needed for my network goals.

Adding A GPS Navigator To An Electric Wheelchair
[ November 20th 2015  11:38 pm ]

This video outlines the steps I took to add a GPS navigator to my electric wheelchair. This is the model I purchased

Adding An Odometer To A Power Wheelchair
[ June 27th 2017  1:25 pm ]

In this video I share the process of adding a digital bike odometer to your power wheelchair. I'm use this to track my usage so I am able to predict when maintenance will be needed. This way I am able to play for maintenance instead of responding to break downs. In this way my power wheelchair remains an asset and not a liability.
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