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Changing Wheelchair Caster Wheel Treads and Bearings
[ May 31st 2016  9:20 am ]

This video contains the series of steps each with an accompanying photograph to show how to change a wheelchair caster wheel tread and its bearings. I've made this video to be the same idea as a service manual or "Power Point" presentation so the video may be paused as the work as performed. A replacement tread and bearings are necessary to complete the work. The tools used were a #3 Philips screw driver to remove the hub cap bolts, a #3 flat-head screw driver to remove the worn bearing, a rubber mallet to seat the new bearing and either a hydraulic press or wood and 2 clamps to seat the hub cap into the caster wheel tread. Additionally a heat gun and refrigerator or freezer may be necessary for thermal expansion and shrinking if the replacement bearing is a tight fit.

Children Feeling Your Presence In Their Life
[ January 17th 2016  8:12 pm ]

In this video I reflect on the value of children being able to feel your presence in their life. It brings me great joy investing in the next generation.

Christmas Lights
[ December 24th 2015  11:26 pm ]

I took 18 photographs of homes decorated with Christmas lights and made them into this simple video. I've made this video for people who aren't able to enjoy these because of illness, hospitalization or limited mobility or other similar reasons. I simply want to bring hope to those who are isolated this Christmas season as we celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Christmas Lights 2016
[ December 24th 2016  9:04 pm ]

In my annual Christmas lights video I want you to know you aren't alone if facing health care challenges, that there are people who care about you and to make the best in your life for 2017. The Lord Jesus is faithful in the midst of adversity.

Christmas Lights 2017
[ November 25th 2017  11:49 pm ]

This is my Christmas Lights video for 2017. I post a video each year for those who are unable to get out and enjoy the Christmas season for any number of reasons. I've decided to post this years video early. There is a lot of hopelessness and feeling helpless between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I wanted to put this online early so those of you who can't take part in other Christmas oriented activities will at least have this to use.

Chronic Pain Medication, The Management Of Chronic Pain And Daylight Savings Time
[ November 1st 2015  6:00 pm ]

Sharing my experience of managing long lasting pain medication during the switch to and from day light savings time.

Cleaning My Laptop Computer Fan
[ January 7th 2017  3:01 pm ]

I am doing some routine maintenance for my laptop computer prior to replacing the hard drive. I am using my compressor to clean dust built up around the cooling fan.

Cleaning The Electric Wheelchair
[ December 3rd 2015  3:11 pm ]

Today I cleaned the dirt off of my electric wheelchair. I made this video at the same time to be a demonstration for you. I drive my electric wheelchair to a community swimming pool 5 nights a week. I wasn't trying to get it perfectly clean because it will start getting dirty again this evening. I simply wanted to remove most of the dirt which has built up. The mop head came off several times. Before I do this again I will use PL 9000 (a construction adhesive) to glue the head to the tool and wash it off in the shower (instead of the washing machine). The reason I am doing this is so I don't scratch up my wheelchair when this happens. Apart from this issue I really like using the long handle for this job. With the pivoting head I was able to get around the curves of the electric wheelchair.

Cleaning Your Electric Hospital Bed
[ November 26th 2015  12:09 am ]

I am part way through cleaning my electric hospital bed. I stopped to make this video to show the importance of doing this. I'd suggest dusting the frame and motors four times a year. A reacher - grabber could be used to retrieve items which have fell onto the floor.

Combating A Dry Mouth
[ July 20th 2016  12:17 am ]

Today I purchased numerous blueberries. I've washed and frozen them. I suck on frozen blueberries to combat the dry mouth caused by my medication. I've also touched on the topic of regular bowel movements. I brought this up because blueberries are healthy. Using other foods (such as candy) to combat a dry mouth may contribute to constipation.
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