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Being Thankful For What You Have
[ March 1st 2016  9:40 pm ]

I've made this video to encourage you to stop and take time to be thankful for what you have while being mindful of others who are struggling.

Being True To Yourself
[ March 26th 2018  11:58 pm ]

This video is to offer my help, care, concern and support for youth who are working through their identity and peer pressure.

Being True To Yourself - 1
[ August 1st 2016  9:17 pm ]

I've made this video with a simple message. Be true to yourself and don't sell yourself out.

Being Your Own Advocate
[ November 7th 2015  9:08 pm ]

A video to instruct, encourage and inspire you to be your own advocate in life and in pursuit of your health care. I am very grateful for the suggestions of the 'YOUNG THR (Total Hip Replacement)' Facebook group while I prepared this video. If you are a young adult experiencing hip troubles I invite you to join us

Being Your Own Advocate: Needs Verses Wants
[ March 22nd 2016  9:48 pm ]

In this video I speak on the topic of being your own advocate. I focus in value of knowing the difference between your needs verses your wants. I've made this video to inspire you to think about the value of your life and priorities. I did not make this to be exhaustive. Nor did I make this to replace the advice of health care professionals. I respect and enjoy life a great deal. There are times when I need to speak up for myself. To me part of my "needs" and "wants" is knowing which battles are the right ones for me to fight. I recognize there are topics other people are passionate about and fighting for their cause.

Be True To Yourself - 2
[ March 15th 2017  12:12 am ]

In this video I share the biggest personal challenges I have because of the chronic pain I experience. I mean this from the heart. This is a video you could share with your friends to help them understand what it is like to live with pain. It is give an understanding of the effect pain has on a person. I also share strategies I use to overcome these obstacles to help empower you to live the most meaningful life possible. Watch Challenges With Romance Caused By A Disability"

Boys On My Street Connecting With Me
[ May 15th 2016  1:09 pm ]

I love children. They live in the "here and now". I tend to find most questions and details of their lives shared come from a place of innocence. I love how children are direct. I've made this video about the encounter earlier in the week when a boy wanted to show me his new bike and then use his pen and paper to write something down for me.

Boys On My Street Wanted To Drag Race Me And My Wheelchair Between Two Utility Poles
[ September 3rd 2016  9:40 am ]

Yesterday two boys who live on my street (ages 8 and 9) wanted to drag race me between two utility poles. I knew the wheelchair wouldn't win. For me this wasn't about the race. It was about teaching these boys that a wheelchair is a tool and not my identity. It is my hope by spending time with them when one of their peers needs a wheelchair that they won't tease him or her. I've noticed at the pool when I befriended one of the youth the rest accepted me. I am hoping the same type of thing will happen and not treat someone differently because they use a wheelchair.

Building Medication Into Your Day
[ January 13th 2016  5:46 am ]

In this video I talk about the practical part of using prescription medication. I give ideas about building it into your day, methods of recording what you've used to avoid taking it twice and managing some of the common side effects.

Burst Copper Pipe Repair Discussion
[ February 28th 2016  12:20 pm ]

My copper pipes froze and burst during an extreme cold winter storm. It has been the most extreme challenge I've faced thus far with my physical disability. I've made this video to share how they were repaired and I was able to get the water to my home back on. This isn't a demonstration of plumbing. This video is to share my knowledge and would help someone in a similar situation know how to approach the problem. It would also be good for a home owner who has little knowledge of plumbing before calling a plumber to make a repair.
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