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10 Things To Consider When Buying A Soldering Station
[ February 22nd 2017  11:28 am ]

I thoroughly enjoy using my hands. With my physical disability this is very rewarding. To this end I've purchased a soldering station. In this video I share the criteria I used in deciding what soldering station to buy.

10 Year Old Boy Loaned Me His Spider Man DVD And Gave Me His OWL Magazine
[ September 30th 2016  1:06 am ]

When I was at the pool for my physiotherapy two days ago I had a very special moment with a 10 year old. I've interacted with him several times and know his guardians. I often watch him while his guardians take part in Aqua Fit. Two days ago he arrived at the pool half way through the family - youth swim I was attending. I was there for my physiotherapy. He joined in the pool based volleyball and basketball I was playing with some of the children while doing my stretches. After the swim finished I watched him in the gym. While there he loaned me his 'Super-Man' DVD to watch. He also gave me an edition of 'OWL' magazine. This is a magazine I subscribed to when I was a boy. It put a smile on my face. I want to again share how I rely on a wheelchair. Children and youth are able to look beyond this and treat me with respect. It is a great honour.

2016 Canadian Thanksgiving Tribute To The Canadian Armed Forces
[ October 10th 2016  9:49 am ]

On this Canadian Thanksgiving I want to thank the Canadian Armed Forces. In this video I share about a recent interaction with a soldier from the Canadian Forces Base Trenton. Happy Thanksgiving!

2016 Ontario Disability Support Program Property Tax Credit
[ January 7th 2016  10:33 pm ]

This video is for ODSP recipients who own their own home (including paying a mortgage). Today I completed my 2016 application for the ODSP property tax credit. Since making this video I've found out some communities only offer a deferral --- meaning the property tax is due upon the sale of the house. Where I live it is a 'credit'.

24 Hours In My Life - Living With Chronic Pain And A Physical Disability
[ June 29th 2017  9:34 pm ]

I originally made this video to share with 24 hours is like for me. There are many rewarding moments I experience even with the pain affecting me. After watching it before posting online I've got thinking about my own life and if there might be a better way of handling the broken sleep. I sincerely hope this will inspire many people. This exercise may lead to making my good hours each day even more effective after I've had time to reflect on this. I genuinely suggest you do this with yourself as a means of evaluating how you are using your life. Please note I am adjusting the settings on the video camera. Some of the images aren't in good focus. I am working to improve this.

9 Year Old Boys On My Street Showed Me Their Snow Fort
[ November 22nd 2016  5:24 pm ]

I am having a really hard day today with my physical disability. Two 9 year old boys have just made my day showing me the snow fort they made with the snow from the first snow storm of the year.

A 3 Year Old Boy Thinks My Electric Wheelchair Is Really Cool
[ January 11th 2016  11:14 pm ]

This evening a boy made my day with his inquisitive nature and asking me questions about my electric wheelchair.

A 5 Year Old Boy Drove My Power Wheelchair Tonight
[ April 4th 2016  9:33 pm ]

This evening a 5 year old boy wanted to know what I was using to walk (my power wheelchair) and why I needed it. I showed him an incision and explained I need help walking. The boy was interested in driving my power wheelchair. After I put the wheelchair into it's slowest mode I taught the child how to control it. He caught on very quickly. In fact I jokingly said to his dad the boy is going to leave me here. This is the single most precious moment I've had with my power wheelchair. I've made this video to assure any parents who may have a child suffering a physical disability that a child could control a power wheelchair and suggest you use a video game to analyse the child's concentration and dexterity.

A Beautiful Canadian November Sun Rise
[ November 18th 2015  7:25 am ]

After waking up for my morning medication I saw how beautiful the sun rise was. I've drove my electric wheelchair to where I watch the Canada Day fire works to share the sun rise with you. This is an amazing Canadian November sun rise.

A Birds Nest Fell From A Tree On A Windy Day
[ May 9th 2018  11:15 pm ]

Following a wind storm I found this birds nest on my lawn. I thought I'd share it with you. Nature and seeing God's creation rejuvenates me, especially when my physical disability is flared up.
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