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September 2017

The month of September has had the common thread of my life: I continue to experience very rewarding moments in the midst of the challenges which come with my physical disability and especially the chronic pain. My chronic pain was out of control throughout most of September. The past few weeks of my life have been an ongoing marathon.

I've continued to make progress on the modifications for my power wheelchair. I am especially focused on the lighting for my power wheelchair. Here in Ontario Canada the sun is setting while I drive myself to the pool each weeknight. On the drive home it is dark.

  • The two white LED's are now installed on my wheelchair and ready to be used. They are aimed at the ground so I can avoid water, snow, ice, mud, tree branches, storm drains and dead animals.
  • The preparation for the LED lights for the frame of my wheelchair is about 60% complete. I plan to finish this at the start of October.

A referral has been prepared for a second opinion of my knee joints to be assessed by the same surgeon who went out of his way to find the root causes of my hip joints in 2011 - 2012. In preparation for this I've prepared a 4 page summary. The topics I summarized are:

  • Summarized Medical History
  • Synopsis & Symptoms Of My Hip Joints
  • Synopsis & Symptoms Of My Knee Joints
  • Closing Comments

None of this is emotionally based. It is the facts of what I am dealing with. This will provide the frame work for the consultation. I've described my physical limits, pain sensations and what I am hoping to accomplish. I am expecting this consultation to occur in late October or November.

I am continuing to make progress with my youTube channel. - I mail ordered 1,000 business cards. I am hoping these will help 'word of mouth' leading to growth. I am adding a unique 'promo code' and then laminating each business card. I am doing this to track the business cards and increase their durability.

Over the past 3 months I've mail ordered all my non perishable groceries online. These are delivered to my home. It would otherwise take me 10 - 12 trips with my power wheelchair to bring this volume of groceries to my home. This has helped improve my quality of life. I'm very grateful for my quality of life improving. In early September I wrote a 'thank you' letter to the front line employees who fulfill these orders.

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