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October 2017

Overall the month of October 2017 has been about new beginnings for me. As month 31 passed since my second hip replacement surgery without making a recovery I've needed to switch my focus to address what is necessary to manage my physical needs and provide me with the best quality of life possible. As I complete projects in November I look forward to sharing my creations on my youTube channel.

I've started thinking about what is logistically necessary to facilitate the travel to and from the community pool during the winter months. During the previous winter the cool air quickly affected my crutches and made them uncomfortable to hold as I drove my wheelchair to the pool each week night. I see the benefits to making a canvas bag crutches holder. My grandmother was instrumental in helping my family address the set of needs I had as I went through the treatment process for Legg Perthes disease. At age 7 I asked my grandma to teach me how to use an electric sewing machine. I am reviving this skill and have begun working on a holder suitable and functional for my crutches. I've also identified a few other customer projects I would benefit from. I've mail ordered 39 spools of thread directly from China (for the price of 3 at my local sewing supply store). I am making a holder to display all my thread spools and to keep them organized.

Listening to music is an excellent tool in managing chronic pain and promoting the best quality of life possible. In September one of the youth suggested I find a way to listen to music as I was transporting myself to and from the gym each week night. This takes me a total of 46 minutes round trip. I mail ordered a waterproof motorcycle stereo system. After it arrived I identified additional waterproofing needed so it would be robust enough to handle what my wheelchair goes through. I've added upgraded waterproof connectors for the stereo speakers, heat shrink tubing to protect the wires and a UV coating to protect the plastic from breaking down on account of the sun light. I am looking forward to completing the installation of this in November 2017 and being able to listen to Christian praise and worship music as I transport myself to the gym and do my chores.

This web site is hosted through my home Internet connection. Although I have a UPS Battery Backup to provide surge protection and electricity for 45 minutes during a power outage it isn't sufficient for the amount of time it takes for the electricity company to restore service following a storm. I have the knowledge and skill to upgrade my UPS Battery Backup for a 5 battery bank and 2 USB charging ports; Any technical questions I have a friend who is an industrial electrician is graciously able to answer. I am looking forward to bringing this project to completion in November 2017. The final component of this requires a wiring harness. I've designed and am in the midst of assembling a 'Helping Hands Soldering Station' so I won't burn my fingers while making the soldering connections for the wiring harness.

This month also brought one a rewarding moment stemming from videos I've posted on my youTube channel. I've been asked to be part of a group that develops a tool for a wheelchair to provide additional functionality. Although I am pretty maxed out and the challenges and effects of pain limit my activities I am willing to be a resource for this project and see how it goes.

The month ended with difficult news. My dad's liver cancer is progressing and he isn't expected to live much longer. This time reminded me of my mothers short battle with cancer leading to her death. It has been like living a train wreck in slow motion. I am hoping I am able to remain some what consistent in my endeavors online. I am really enjoying making my videos and find it very rewarding how they are positively impacting people. It is something I hope to see grow over the coming year.

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