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March 2018

Overall March 2018 has been a good month. I'm pleased with the progress I've made towards my goals.

I've been able to spend time towards deep cleaning my home. I am enjoying getting organized.

  • I've made really good progress scanning and then shredding my utility bills. When complete I'll be able to eliminate a filing cabinet.
  • I am continuing to make progress with the new shelves to hold my office supplies. I've purchased a set of wheels for each shelf. This is so I am able to move the shelves out of the way to clean. Two youth will be helping me get these on the shelves.
  • I've also purchased 5 bins. These are going to be my project bins. I typically hand pick and mail order the specific components I use for each project from an Asian country. These bins will be able to hold the components while they arrive and I am completing each project. I've purchased what is typically used as a name tag holder for trade shows. I will be attaching one to each of the 4 sides on all 5 bins so it is easy to identify what I am currently using each bin for.
  • I've also purchased 6 durable containers to hold the weekly DVD backup I create for my web sites. The ones I am currently using and breaking. They were from a dollar store. The plastic walls are too weak for them to be stacked holding the DVD's.

I took the next big step towards my self employment aspiration. On March 3rd I purchased a very high end color lazer printer. I don't need it yet. It was nearly $300 off. I plan to make and sell books around the themes of living with chronic pain, managing life with a physical disability and requiring a wheelchair for mobility. I hope to reach many people with these. I am going to make my first book about developing a self identity. When I prepare this first book I am going to leave room for people to make notes in applying it to themselves. I hope to start working on this in the fall. I need to finish the deep cleaning of my home. I also need to get through yhe backlog of my "to do" list first. As I said above for the time being it is proving very helpful in scanning my utility bills.

The mattress for my electric hospital bed is worn out and needs replacing. I've decided to try an experiment. In 2009 I received an electric hospital bed for helping manage my hip pain. This was on account of my sleep being severely broken from the arthritic deterioration in my hip joints. Adjusting the position the 'ball' in my hips entered the pelvis helped me get the best sleep possible. I am now wondering if an air bed would be most suitable for me. The benefit of an air bed is that I will be able to control the firmness of the mattress. I wonder if this might give me a better nights sleep. I've mail ordered one. It has a built in air pump powered by a household electricity outlet. In the worst case I will come to learn the firmness I need if I need to acquire a new mattress for my electric hospital bed.

I have a $16.37 US eBay Bucks credit as a result of all the purchases I've made between January and March 2018. I will be able to use this towards buying a print server for my black toner lazer printer. It will cost me less than $5. My black toner lazer printer uses USB to connect. Using a print server means I won't have to plug it directly into my computer. I am planning ahead for when I have the new desk to hold my computer.

As I write this I am amazed at what I accomplished this month. It is hard for me when I am going through the motions. I only have a few good hours each day. I don't sleep well on account of my chronic pain. It's been good reflecting on what I accomplished during March. I am pleased with the direction my life is going.

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