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March 2017

March 2017 has turned into the beginning of recalibrating my life. After being discharged from physiotherapy with unsuccessful treatment last month I've thought through the systems necessary to manage my life and maximize my independance. I've begun working towards implementing these.

What is next for my health care treatment is MRI imaging of both knee joints. The hope is to uncover what is causing me so much pain and robbing me of my mobility. If I don't walk like a penguin (intentionally not bending at the knee joints) my pain goes out of control. My local hospital is presently installing a state of the art MRI imaging machine. For what is probably wrong in my knee joints it is worth waiting for the new machine to be up and running. The increased clarity of the images the MRI machine will produce will help to get a sense of how frayed the cartilage in my knee joints has become.

As this month came to a close I finished my research on digital video cameras and placed an order for a quality video camera, external microphone, tripod, memory cards as well as a set of batteries and battery charger for the external microphone. This will improve the quality of my youTube videos and replace the use of my web cam for filming. I am committed to seeing this grow and very grateful for the opportunity to encourage, inspire and educate people what life with a physical disability and chronic pain is like.

I've mail ordered several parts to make an accessories panel for my new power wheelchair. Most of the components have arrived. I am looking forward to creating this in April 2017. The accessory panel I am creating will increase the wheelchairs function, help better manage my pain and make it more practical for me. This will be very helpful to me when completed.

Finally I've done a great deal of research this month on setting up a server. About 2 years I purchased (4) Pine64 computers. I wasn't able to follow through with setting these up at the time because the physiotherapy following my right hip replacement surgery on February 27th 2015 didn't go as expected. I had to put my time and energy into the attempt at a recovery. With my recovery being unsuccessful I have resumed work on this project. This will replace the current server for hosting my web sites and in time also be used as a render farm. I am expecting the remaining parts I've mail ordered for this project to arrive in April 2017 and allow me to begin setting this up in May 2017.

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