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June 2017

The month of June 2017 has been one of two extremes. There has continued to be extremely rewarding moments. This has been consistent throughout my medical treatment over the past 12 years. These are intertwined with the extreme challenges of pain, broken sleep and physical challenges.

During June I received help beginning to deep clean my home. I was initially concerned this would be an overwhelming task. I am especially sensitive to not over burdening my body on account of my physical limitations. But after starting I've begun enjoying this. As I continue to use a power wheelchair and with no recovery in sight making my home as friendly as possible for my wheelchair and limiting my cleaning responsibilities is high on my priority list. This process will continue through the summer months. I've already begun to experience the benefits of this.

On June 19th both of my knee joints under went MRI imaging. I will receive the results on July 4th. I live in Canada; This isn't a holiday. I am experiencing intense joint line pain in both of my knee joints. Physiotherapy has been unable to resolve this. In fact the typical physiotherapy exercises for knee and hip strengthening cause me to experience setbacks. This leaves me with further deterioration in my knee joints.

What I hope to achieve out of the MRI is the level of fraying occurring within my articular cartilage. Potentially this imaging could be used in a stem cell transplant procedure. I need a frank discussion with the appropriate doctor so I may properly analyze the risks so I am able to make an informed decision. This is a dialogue I would want to have prior to making a firm commitment to undergo knee replacement surgery.

I am considering out of country treatment options. However this isn't my short term plan. There has been so much of my life put on hold since I underwent my right hip joint replacement surgery on February 27th 2015. I need to get my day to day life on track before engaging in evasive treatment.

Besides cleaning one of my most pressing concerns is financial. The disability pension I receive isn't keeping up with the cost of day to day life. However after extensive analysis I think I am going in the right direction to address this. During this month my youTube channel earned the first payment and also the first sponsor through Patreon took place. I look forward to building on these milestones.

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