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January 2018

Throughout January I have been planning for my future. There have been two key themes.

Prior to my hip joints becoming a crisis in 2006 I frequently played the piano for church services and weddings. I miss doing this. After the recovery from my hip replacement surgery being unsuccessful I have shifted my focus to quality of life. Music is a tool for coping with chronic pain. I have begun researching the purchase of a piano to help me in my life. I am very much looking forward to when I am able to complete this purchase. Finances from my dad's estate will pay for this.

The other key planning I've been engaged in is replacing my server. The current server must be replaced. It is a 32 bit machine and may no longer be updated. The replacement will be the current 64 bit standard. Although this process is complicated it is a key implement in setting me up for success in my home based employment. I am hoping to see this completely set up by the fall of 2018.

The new year started with a surprise visit from a close friend. One of my friends moved to Nunavet Canada for employment. He was in the area catching up. He stopped by for a visit. He is a good brother in the Lord Jesus and has been a huge support to me. I was grateful for this visit. He caught me at a time when my pain wasn't severe.

I've finished the process of laminating the business cards to promote my youTube channel and the upcoming new version of this web site. Once the new web site is launched I plan to begin distributing these business cards. It is an exciting opportunity for growth which will coincide bringing the new server online.

I'm continuing the process of my house cleaning. I do need to be more intentional about this. I am finding it very difficult building cleaning into each day because of the pain and physical challenges. The progress has been slow. However I have made progress and that is what is important. In February I am going to pay attention to my patterns and figure out the best equation to promote overall quality of life.

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