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February 2018

February has been an interesting month. Why I use the word 'interesting' is because the concurrent roller coaster of challenges and rewarding moments I've experienced. Ultimately the way this month played out was unavoidable and has set in motion that my life is now in transition.

I underwent two health care assessments. Ultimately it has been concluded that I've completed a thorough course of physiotherapy and I am not able to recover by engaging in more exercise for my hips and needs. I am needing invasive knee treatment. However I've decided against pursuing this for the time being. At present the risk : reward equation is beyond my risk tolerance.

My life has been on hold for the past 3 years as I've been chasing around a recovery that didn't materialize. I have not less than 18 urgent items on my "to do" list. It has been very difficult continuing to engage in the typical lifestyle of a 38 to 40 year old while living with the debilitating pain the exercise created. I've not been able to bring the projects and goals I have to completion. Prior to my second hip replacement surgery I was taking a week holiday each year so my body could rest and recover from the marathon I've been putting it through. I physically need to rest up and bring the projects I have on the go to completion before I will consider engaging in more treatment.

For my physical health I am needing to figure out a maintenance regime which allows the muscle tone to hopefully remain while not causing the debilitating pain chasing a recovery was creating. In my personal life I need to finish deep cleaning my home so it is easiest for me to live and function in this environment with my physical disability. Financially speaking I need to see this online effort continue to grow since I am no longer receiving sufficient money from my disability pensions to keep my bills paid each month.

I do have the mental acuity to tackle this. It will take me several months to develop a new rhythm to my life. It is all part of the journey. I am in this for the long haul.

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