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December 2017

Throughout the month of December I did much planning. With the death of my dad in November 2017 I will be receiving some life insurance money. This will provide me with the financial means of a renovation for an office and an up to date 64 bit server. Both of these are essential in my plans for a home business and getting myself off of the disability pension I receive. There is a lot of detail involved in the planning. Although it has been challenging I've been enjoying it. I find it interesting learning how things work. Both are steps I needed to have happen to keep moving forward in life.

This year for Christmas a family invited me over. I had a wonderful time. I found it really nice having a meal with someone. It has been several months since this happened. I also enjoyed the board games we played. Although I needed a few days of rest following this it was worth the pain I experienced.

I've been approved for the low income winter housing subsidy. This is a huge relief. While I know there is money coming I am under enormous financial pressure right now. I need these funds to maintain a healthy diet. Part of why I do as much as I can towards my home business is so one day I won't have to live in poverty caused by my physical disability. It just isn't possible for me to be part of the traditional work force.

I've tallied up the money I spent on my home business this year. I've reported this to my disability case worker. He was very pleased with the organization and presentation. My disability case worker changed a few months ago. He is able to see that I am engaged in life. I know in a few years from now the effort I am putting in is going to pay off. I just keep praying for the Lord Jesus to give me the stamina to overcome my physical challenges each day.

I am looking forward to 2018. My goals for the new year are intense. It isn't always going to be easy. But I am sure when 2018 ends I will be able to look back and be pleased with the progress I will have made in moving my life forward.

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