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August 2017

The entire month of August has been very challenging. However as usual there have been no lack of rewarding moments mixed in with the severe pain I experience.

One of the biggest challenges I've experienced this month is that my artificial hip joints were significantly more painful than the arthritis in my knees and spine. This isn't a typing error. My knee joints have prevented me from engaging in the typical set of exercises you would do following a hip replacement surgery to reach a successful recovery. I am limited now to very basic and gentle movements. During the worst of this I was having trouble sitting. It was just too painful. My hip joints are stuck in "week 1" of what is suppose to be a healing process following hip replacement surgery.

On August 8th 2017 I received the results of my bone scan. Extensive arthritis was identified in my spine, knees and starting in my ankles. My family doctor seemed surprised. I wasn't. I am in tune with my body. I have been feeling the effects of arthritis for some time. This is life changing. A full recovery isn't possible now. I will need both of my knee joints replaced and the ongoing use of a swimming pool to have the best quality of life possible. My spine is starting to contribute to broken sleep. I am committed to my life and having the best quality of life which is possible. It is obvious I am going to need housing which is designed for my specific body with a lane pool. A house designed for my body will be one of the most effective tools I will benefit from.

One of the highlights of this month has been making a miniture green screen. This is a 10th birthday present for one of the boys who lives on my street. One of the boys turned 10 years old 3 weeks ago. The other one has his birthday in 3 weeks. Both look up to me as a role model. In fact there are many youth in the community who do.

I've been able to make some progress on my power wheelchair. The stem bearings (the component which allows my wheelchair to turn corners and drive around parked cars) needed replacing. The bearings in the 2 small front wheels now need replacing. I placed an order. They arrived on August 29th. I will be able to perform this maintenance during the September 2nd - 3rd.

I've not been able to make the progress I wanted to with my house cleaning during August. The amount of pain, stiffness in all my hip and knee joints and broken sleep prevented me from engaging in this. It is obvious I am going to need a cleaner. There isn't a program I am eligible for which will fund this. The only way I have of making this happen is to continue growing my youTube channel and developing the web site which will go with this. Hopefully in time I'll have the financial means of hiring someone.

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