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January 2017

For me the new year started with medical appointments with my family doctor and physiotherapist.
As has been the case with me throughout the past decade their opinions are in contrast
with each other. My physiotherapist was wanting to discharge me with an instruction

December 2016

As December comes to an end I am uncertain of how my treatment will progress. Much
of December 2016 has been very difficult. On December 20th 2016 I experienced another
setback in both of my knee joints. An exercise that should have helped me has severly

November 2016

The month of November 2016 has been a month of new beginnings of sorts. On November
10th 2016 I had my intake appointment for a physiotherapist taking responibility for
the oversight of my physiotherapy. My physiotherapist originally worked in a hospital

October 2016

Overall October 2016 has been a very difficult month. The appointment I had with
my surgeon on September 19th 2016 is still bothering me. I genuinely thought my surgeon
knew me better. If he had been willing to listen to me I could have received helpful

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