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A Child's Mom Waived To Me Through The Pool Observation Window [ May 10th 2017  7:07 pm ]

The mother of an 11 year old boy I've been supporting just waived to me through the pool observation window.
His grand father uses the pool with him and has been getting to know me. The grand father pointed me

Added A Second Electric Odometer Magnet To My Power Wheelchair [ August 31st 2017  9:44 am ]

About a week ago one of the items I mail ordered arrived. Before I began using my new power wheelchair
I added a digital bike odometer to it. My plan was to use this to track my usage each week. In turn

An 11 Year Old Boy I Am Supporting Made A Breakthrough [ May 11th 2017  7:03 pm ]

A few weeks back I gave instructions on how to tie his shoe laces. These were both in simpe phrases and
pictures showing how. As soon as I got in the pool tonight he came to me. Not only has he learned how

An Appointment With My Family Doctor [ August 31st 2017  12:55 pm ]

I've had another appointment with my family doctor. It was helpful to me. I started off by inquiring
how my family doctor reached the conclusion of severe tendinitis. I disagree with this diagnosis. The

An Artificial Intelligence Bot For A Programmers Chat Room Made A Zinger About My Wheelchair [ October 5th 2017  5:59 pm ]

I had a really good laugh just now. There is a programmers chat room I often use. There is an artificial
intelligence bot that monitors the channel. Periodically it will contribute to the conversation. I am

A New Milestone For My youTube Channel [ March 5th 2017  9:32 am ]

Today there has been a new milestone on my youTube channel. The 100th person has subscribed. I am excited
to have reached this milestone.

An Unexpected Kindness [ July 7th 2017  9:10 pm ]

I've had an amazing surprise. One of the youth from the gym just gave me a $50 restaurant gift card from
his family. They've been inspired by the marathon journey I live and desire to support others. The brothers

Appointment Booked With My Family Doctor [ July 28th 2017  10:33 am ]

I've just booked an appointment with my family doctor for Wednesday. My new right knee joint tear has
really limited my options for exercise in the pool. I need to have a frank discussion with my family

Birthday Money [ June 8th 2017  9:44 am ]

I received some money for my birthday. I've just deposited the cheque into my bank account. I've already
prepared a letter to my disability case worker for the reporting that is expected of me. This won't impact

Colossal Setback With My Physical Disability [ May 16th 2017  1:05 pm ]

Last evening I had an appointment with my family doctor. He asked that I use a recumbent exercise bike
for 2 minutes with no tension. This is an exercise that typically helps hip and knee joints when a recovery

Failed Attempt To Verify My New Bank Account [ July 3rd 2017  10:10 am ]

I've just arrived at the pavalian where I need to show my government issued ID to activate my new bank
account. Even though the financial institution has a pavalian in the grocery store and the grocery store

Faxed Letter To My Family Doctor [ June 4th 2017  11:40 pm ]

The attempt to use a recumbent exercise bike has set in motion a setback of the same magnitude as I endured
with my hip joints prior to them being replaced. I did a grand total of 13 revolutions in 2 minutes.

Finished My Taxes [ February 16th 2017  12:40 am ]

I've just finished completing my 2016 income tax return. It is quite basic. Here in Ontario Canada this
gives me access to: Quarterly GST Benefit Ontario Electricity Support Program Ontario Trillium Benefit Although

Follow Up Testing Appointments [ July 10th 2017  1:39 pm ]

I've just been notified of the follow up appointments to my knee MRI imaging. The blood work will be
done on July 27th. The CT scans of my knee joints will happen on July 28th and August 4th. I am booked

Getting My Life Under Control [ August 12th 2017  1:35 am ]

I've not gone to bed at a good hour tonight. I've been thinking about my life. This is the first time
in about 2 years that I've felt like I am getting my day to day life under control after the unsuccessful

Hastings County Energy Assistance Top-Up Application [ November 7th 2016  2:48 pm ]

In today's mail is my application for the Hastings County Energy Assistance Top-Up. This program was
designed to avoid homelessness for low income households during the Canadian winter months. I've relied

Linking My Bank Account [ July 7th 2017  12:13 pm ]

I've now completed the bank account linking process. This means when I receive my youTube channel sponsor
payments I'll be able to transfer them to the financial institution I use for my day to day banking.

Loss Of Pain Control [ March 24th 2017  7:35 pm ]

This evening has been very difficult. My pain has gone out of control. I have repeatedly felt the sensation
I was going to vomit from the pain. I just got out of the pool because of this. I've had a difficult

Modifying Completed To My Stem Bearing Dust Caps [ April 26th 2017  11:05 am ]

I've completed a successful modifcation to my new power wheelchair. I added knobs to the stem bearing
dust caps. Normally when these are removed the plastic is unintentionally carved by the tool being used

My New Sump Pump Basin Is On Sale [ June 26th 2017  1:20 am ]

I've had a great surprise. The basin I am using for my sump pump is on sale for the next 3 days. I am
able to save some more money on the cost of replacing my sump pump. A friend will help me get up tot

Purchased A Mini Binder [ March 6th 2017  12:53 pm ]

On Friday evening I had a very helpful discussion with a man who uses the same gym as I attend for the
pool. He is helping mentor me with building an online income. I am trying my best to rise above my circumstances

Purchased The Adapaters To Connect My Primary And 12 Volt Sump Pumps [ June 23rd 2017  10:25 pm ]

I've just arrived home from Home Depot. That was a really successful shopping trip. The Home Depot employee
didn't "bat an eye" when he saw my 12 volt battery back up pump. I have purchased all the fittings needed

Really Sweet Encouragement From Youth At The Gym [ May 27th 2017  10:10 pm ]

One of the youth from the gym I attend for my physiohterpay just sent me this message: "You've been an
amazing role model for me and all the other kids at the gym. Thank you on behalf of all of us😁""

Registered Disability Savings Plan Contribution [ July 18th 2017  1:29 pm ]

I now have the cheque from redeeming my Registered Disability Savings Plan. I also have a viral throat
infection. I am too weak to drop this cheque off at the bank which has my Registered Disability Savings

Reporting A Monetary Gift To My Disability Case Worker [ May 1st 2017  11:14 pm ]

I've recently received a small monetary gift. I've prepared the paper work to fulfill my requirement
of letting my disability case worker know of this.

Signing Up With A New Financial Institution [ June 29th 2017  12:02 pm ]

Overall the most economical way to receive my Patreon account pledges is through a Payoneer international
transfer. The bank I use doesn't have a bic - switch code for this purpose. I've signed up for a no

Suggestion For Accessibility Wheelchair Boating [ July 8th 2017  11:40 am ]

I had such a wonderful time fishing that I made a suggestion to the city where I live: That they look
into what it would cost to add a "self serve" lift - crane for transferring wheelchairs onto boats. About

Sump Pump Delivery [ June 20th 2017  9:23 am ]

The sump pump I mail ordered yesterday has arrived. I am pleased. This sump pump is rated for ½ horse
power. My sump pump which is wearing out is rated for ⅓ horse power. This has also arrived in a sturdy

Unexpected Answer To Prayer [ June 20th 2017  2:30 pm ]

Last night before I went to bed I prayed for God to provide me with money. It isn't that I treat God
as a bank machine. I've strained my finances over the past few months and the disability pension I receive

Updated My RDSP Investor Profile [ July 7th 2017  6:54 pm ]

I've just had a productive discussion with the financial institution which has my Registered Disability
Savings Plan. I've updated my investor profile. They have also provided some suggestions for more aggressive

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