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A 13 Year Old Looked Forward To Me Using The Pool Tonight [ August 30th 2017  10:33 pm ]

I had special encouragement tonight. When I arrived to the pool one of the parents immediately stood
up and walked over to speak with me. Her child had a 13 year old friend visiting last week. When it

Added A Second Electric Odometer Magnet To My Power Wheelchair [ August 31st 2017  9:44 am ]

About a week ago one of the items I mail ordered arrived. Before I began using my new power wheelchair
I added a digital bike odometer to it. My plan was to use this to track my usage each week. In turn

A Thank You To The Packaging Employees [ September 4th 2017  10:17 pm ]

During the past 2 months I've ordered my non perishable groceries through WalMart Canada's web site.
They deliver directly to my home. It has helped improve my quality of life. I've just wrote a letter

Attended Seated Exercise Program [ June 13th 2018  2:21 pm ]

I've attended the seated exercise program this afternoon. I am very pleased with it. It is obviously
one of the better decisions I've made to help myself. This is just a completely different approach to

Booking 'Skyline View' Knee X-ray [ September 16th 2016  8:44 am ]

I've spoke to the Diagnostic Imaging department booking office of my local hospital. I've booked my x-ray
for Monday September 19th 2016 at 8:30 a.m. Then I immediately called and left a voice mail message for

Changed Kitchen Side Spray [ February 17th 2018  8:05 pm ]

Completed Configuration Of Network Storage Device [ April 1st 2018  11:02 pm ]

I think I've completed the network storage device backup setup. There still may be some tweaking to do
during the coming days. The hard work is done. I am very pleased with this. This was really important

December 2017 Non Perishable Grocery Order Delivery [ November 27th 2017  10:43 am ]

The delivery has occurred for my non perishable grocery order for December 2017. What remains for me
to purchase is fresh fruit, eggs, butter and meat. I've purchased ingredients to make trail mix. I am

Encouragement From One Of The Youth In Town [ August 25th 2017  12:30 am ]

Tonight one of the youth sent me a really inspiring message: "You are an awesome role model. You make
it seem easy, that strength. You are one of my hero's Ron. Never forget that."

Finished My Taxes [ February 16th 2017  12:40 am ]

I've just finished completing my 2016 income tax return. It is quite basic. Here in Ontario Canada this
gives me access to: Quarterly GST Benefit Ontario Electricity Support Program Ontario Trillium Benefit Although

Follow Up Testing Appointments [ July 10th 2017  1:39 pm ]

I've just been notified of the follow up appointments to my knee MRI imaging. The blood work will be
done on July 27th. The CT scans of my knee joints will happen on July 28th and August 4th. I am booked

Help Cleaning From A Youth And More Donations [ July 18th 2018  4:37 pm ]

One of the youth just spent the past two and a half hours helping me with my cleaning. I am really grateful
for this. What we've been able to accomplish is amazing. What I need help with is bringing the stuff

Inquiring About Accessibility Of The Dentist's Office For My September Appointment [ August 28th 2017  10:41 pm ]

The building where my dentist has their practice is undergoing a major retrofit. In part the building
is being updated so it is significantly more energy efficient for heating in the winters and cooling in

Life Insurance Cheque Arrived [ January 2nd 2018  1:30 pm ]

The life insurance cheque arrived. This will make it possible for me to afford the building materials
for the office renovation on my property. In turn this is going to break the grid lock in my home and

Mail Ordered A Submersible Sump Pump [ June 19th 2017  12:42 pm ]

I've mail ordered a submersible sump pump. This is the primary pump which will run on my household electricity.
What I ordered last week will be the 12 volt backup system for power failures and if there is a deluge

My New Sump Pump Basin Is On Sale [ June 26th 2017  1:20 am ]

I've had a great surprise. The basin I am using for my sump pump is on sale for the next 3 days. I am
able to save some more money on the cost of replacing my sump pump. A friend will help me get up tot

No Ligament Or Tendon Tear [ March 1st 2017  1:47 pm ]

I've just had a phone call from my family doctor's office. The ultrasound of my right knee joint showed
the tendons and ligaments are intact. The way forward is with an MRI to check the soft tissues. The local

Placed My December 2017 Non Perishable Grocery Order [ November 21st 2017  4:03 am ]

I've just placed my non perishable grocery order for December 2017. This has proven to be so helpful
to me during the previous 4 months. The amount of groceries I am able to order and have delivered all

Progress Report On My Power Wheelchair Accessory Panel [ May 27th 2017  7:35 pm ]

Over the past few days I've completed the layout for my wheelchair accessory panel and am quite pleased
with this. However a unexpected problem came to light this evening. I am using 6mm or ΒΌ" Plexiglas.

Providing The Framework For An Accessibility Related Renovation To A Children's Organization [ December 6th 2017  2:50 pm ]

Yesterday I had a conversation about the need for accessibility renovations for a children's program in
the community where I live. This is a topic I am passionate about. I've just finished writing out the

Purchased A Color Lazer Printer [ March 3rd 2018  1:06 pm ]

I just took a solid step forward in my pursuit of self employment. I've just mail ordered a high quality
color lazer printer. The printer product line up at the office supply store is changing. The purchase

Questions About My Blood Work [ July 5th 2017  1:45 pm ]

Another test I need to have is blood screening. The hope is to eliminate a cause for my knee joint deterioration.
I just called my family doctor. I've confirmed I don't need to fast prior to the blood test and the use

Received My New Bank Account And Card [ July 5th 2017  1:10 pm ]

I've just opened my new bank account. The financial institution I use for my day to day banking isn't
able to receive my Patreon sponsor pay outs from the United States to Canada (where I live). This new

Registered Disability Savings Plan Contribution [ July 18th 2017  1:29 pm ]

I now have the cheque from redeeming my Registered Disability Savings Plan. I also have a viral throat
infection. I am too weak to drop this cheque off at the bank which has my Registered Disability Savings

Reported My Registered Disability Savings Plan Contribution To My Ontario Disability Support Program Case Worker [ July 29th 2017  9:14 am ]

I was required to report my assets as part of my enrollment to the Ontario Disability Support Program
and maintain an accurate list. I now have a paper trail to show I've redeemed my Registered Retirement

Reporting Another Christmas Monetary Gift To The Disability Office [ December 29th 2016  9:40 pm ]

Another card arrived in today's mail. I've received another monetary gift. I am so grateful for the
kindness being shown to me. I've drafted another brief letter and just dropped it off in the social assistance

Requesting A New Medical Travel Form [ March 21st 2017  7:29 am ]

I've just left a voice mail message for my disability case worker. I've requested a medical travel form.
My disability pension pays for travel to the appointments I have. This form will be to validate the travel

"Thanks You" For City Hall Accessibility Modifications [ June 23rd 2017  12:27 pm ]

This morning I was to City Hall using the main entrance for the first time since accessibility renovations
were completed. I've contacted someone at the city to express my thanks to the group of people responsible

The Transfer Out Of The Pool After Tonight's Physiotherapy [ February 16th 2017  8:03 pm ]

I've had a light hearted moment this evening. Tonight I required the physical handicap lift for transferring
into and out of the pool. When the life guard was helping me exist the pool my crutches, towel and key

UPS Battery Backup Is Now Online [ February 21st 2018  10:45 pm ]

I've just completed the steps to modify my UPS Battery Backup. I host my own web sites. This is to keep
the web sites online during a power outage. Many of the projects I am working on are in progress right

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