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A Helpful Appointment With My Family Doctor [ March 14th 2018  10:43 am ]

I had an appointment with my family doctor yesterday. The patient before me didn't show up. We spent about
40 minutes together. I am not feeling frustrated now. This is the probably the first time in about 8

A New Milestone For My youTube Channel [ March 5th 2017  9:32 am ]

Today there has been a new milestone on my youTube channel. The 100th person has subscribed. I am excited
to have reached this milestone.

Appointment Booked With My Family Doctor [ July 28th 2017  10:33 am ]

I've just booked an appointment with my family doctor for Wednesday. My new right knee joint tear has
really limited my options for exercise in the pool. I need to have a frank discussion with my family

Beginning To Film Backgrounds For Future YouTube Videos [ May 27th 2017  9:05 pm ]

I thoroughly enjoy nature. I love God's creation. It gives me some down time where I am not living the
marathon that comes with my physical disability and chronic pain. I've been enjoying making the occasional

Colossal Setback With My Physical Disability [ May 16th 2017  1:05 pm ]

Last evening I had an appointment with my family doctor. He asked that I use a recumbent exercise bike
for 2 minutes with no tension. This is an exercise that typically helps hip and knee joints when a recovery

Completing Of My Paper Shredder Modification For Wheelchair Accessibility [ June 17th 2017  9:40 pm ]

The 4 wheels are now on my modified paper shredder. I am so pleased. One of the youth I have a connection
with from the gym is helping me deep clean my home. I am going through everything I own and getting rid

Encouragement From One Of The Youth In Town [ August 25th 2017  12:30 am ]

Tonight one of the youth sent me a really inspiring message: "You are an awesome role model. You make
it seem easy, that strength. You are one of my hero's Ron. Never forget that."

Faxed Letter To My Family Doctor [ June 4th 2017  11:40 pm ]

The attempt to use a recumbent exercise bike has set in motion a setback of the same magnitude as I endured
with my hip joints prior to them being replaced. I did a grand total of 13 revolutions in 2 minutes.

Finished My Taxes [ February 16th 2017  12:40 am ]

I've just finished completing my 2016 income tax return. It is quite basic. Here in Ontario Canada this
gives me access to: Quarterly GST Benefit Ontario Electricity Support Program Ontario Trillium Benefit Although

Follow Up For My MRI Appointment [ June 20th 2017  8:22 pm ]

I did one of the exercises that causes a severe flare up prior to the MRI so my knee joints were imaged
while the symptoms were intense. The down side to this is that I am in pretty rough shape. I was also

Hastings County Energy Assistance Top-Up Application [ November 7th 2016  2:48 pm ]

In today's mail is my application for the Hastings County Energy Assistance Top-Up. This program was
designed to avoid homelessness for low income households during the Canadian winter months. I've relied

Heard-Back From Dentist [ August 29th 2017  12:06 pm ]

I've just heard back from the dentist. They are going to trim the shrub so my wheelchair won't be accidentally
damaged. I am glad this is taken care of. With my use of chronic pain medication I can't feel if I am

Inquiring About Replacement Tires For My Power Wheelchair Maintenance [ August 29th 2017  10:21 pm ]

I've just e-mailed the technical support department of my power wheelchair manufacturer. The 4 small
tires for my power wheelchair have gone bald. I need to understand if this is normal I wonder if there

Mail Ordered A Submersible Sump Pump [ June 19th 2017  12:42 pm ]

I've mail ordered a submersible sump pump. This is the primary pump which will run on my household electricity.
What I ordered last week will be the 12 volt backup system for power failures and if there is a deluge

Mail Ordered Supplies To Make Accessory Bags For My Power Wheelchair [ August 19th 2017  11:58 pm ]

Today I mail ordered supplies from Asian countries for my next power wheelchair accessory. I am going
to make 3 canvas bags that will be very helpful going to the gym each weeknight. After another setback

Memory Card Delivery [ June 29th 2017  11:11 am ]

Two days ago the memory card in my digital video camera corrupted. The one I used was a generic brand.
Although it initially worked it hasn't lasted long with the near daily usage. The replacement I mail

My First YouTube Payment [ June 21st 2017  11:00 pm ]

I've received my first payment for my youTube videos. It is a nice milestone. It will be several years
before this happens on any regular basis. But as I've learned to live my physical disability always take

My Mail Ordered Submersible Sump Pump Shipping Update [ June 19th 2017  6:17 pm ]

I've had a surprise. My sump pump is being delivered tomorrow. I choose the free shipping option. I've
planned ahead so my money would go further and not need to pay for expedited shipping. The business I

My New Sump Pump Basin Is On Sale [ June 26th 2017  1:20 am ]

I've had a great surprise. The basin I am using for my sump pump is on sale for the next 3 days. I am
able to save some more money on the cost of replacing my sump pump. A friend will help me get up tot

Non Perishable Grocery Order Delivered [ August 30th 2017  10:02 am ]

My non perishable grocery order has been delivered. The scheduler I spoke to by phone yesterday indicated
this would occur in the afternoon. I am indifferent when the delivery takes place. I am not in the least

Providing The Framework For An Accessibility Related Renovation To A Children's Organization [ December 6th 2017  2:50 pm ]

Yesterday I had a conversation about the need for accessibility renovations for a children's program in
the community where I live. This is a topic I am passionate about. I've just finished writing out the

Purchased The Adapaters To Connect My Primary And 12 Volt Sump Pumps [ June 23rd 2017  10:25 pm ]

I've just arrived home from Home Depot. That was a really successful shopping trip. The Home Depot employee
didn't "bat an eye" when he saw my 12 volt battery back up pump. I have purchased all the fittings needed

Really Sweet Encouragement From Youth At The Gym [ May 27th 2017  10:10 pm ]

One of the youth from the gym I attend for my physiohterpay just sent me this message: "You've been an
amazing role model for me and all the other kids at the gym. Thank you on behalf of all of us😁""

Re-Booked My Dental Appointment [ June 30th 2017  8:40 am ]

The pain I experience has been challenging this week. After several nights of broken sleep and waking
up with swelling in both of my knee joints the dentist is willing to rebook my cavity filling appointment.

Registered Disability Savings Plan Contribution [ July 18th 2017  1:29 pm ]

I now have the cheque from redeeming my Registered Disability Savings Plan. I also have a viral throat
infection. I am too weak to drop this cheque off at the bank which has my Registered Disability Savings

Reporting A Monetary Gift To My Disability Case Worker [ May 1st 2017  11:14 pm ]

I've recently received a small monetary gift. I've prepared the paper work to fulfill my requirement
of letting my disability case worker know of this.

Signing Up With A New Financial Institution [ June 29th 2017  12:02 pm ]

Overall the most economical way to receive my Patreon account pledges is through a Payoneer international
transfer. The bank I use doesn't have a bic - switch code for this purpose. I've signed up for a no

Suggestion For Accessibility Wheelchair Boating [ July 8th 2017  11:40 am ]

I had such a wonderful time fishing that I made a suggestion to the city where I live: That they look
into what it would cost to add a "self serve" lift - crane for transferring wheelchairs onto boats. About

Sump Pump Delivery [ June 20th 2017  9:23 am ]

The sump pump I mail ordered yesterday has arrived. I am pleased. This sump pump is rated for ½ horse
power. My sump pump which is wearing out is rated for ⅓ horse power. This has also arrived in a sturdy

Unexpected Answer To Prayer [ June 20th 2017  2:30 pm ]

Last night before I went to bed I prayed for God to provide me with money. It isn't that I treat God
as a bank machine. I've strained my finances over the past few months and the disability pension I receive

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