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Attended Session 2 Of Living Well With Chronic Conditions [ July 12th 2018  3:58 pm ]

I've had the next session of the course I am taking. I am really enjoying it. The topics are very practical.
I am finding the discussion helpful.

Medication Delivery [ July 11th 2018  11:09 am ]

I've had a routine medication delivery today. I am staying on top of everything. I am very grateful
for the many hands that help me in my life.

Performing A Wind Study On My Property [ July 10th 2018  10:36 pm ]

I've decided to perform a wind study on my back yard. This is to assess if a low wind speed residential
wind turbine is able to produce electricity. I am accomplishing this using a weather station to measure

Prepared Paper Work For My Disability Case Worker [ July 10th 2018  5:51 pm ]

When I was to my family doctor last I asked him to complete a medical travel form. This is for my disability
to cover the expense of taking me to the health care facility where I am taking the course on living with

An Inquiry To Canada Border Services Agency About Buying And Importing A Mobility Scooter [ July 10th 2018  4:31 pm ]

As part of my research into buying a mobility scooter and mobility scooter trailer I've come to realize
if I am going to have decent quality I will need to import one. Otherwise by the time it has passed through

Paying Back A Debt [ July 10th 2018  4:00 pm ]

Back in 2004 a friend sold me his vehicle. We agreed on payments. It was going well. Suddenly about
2 years later is when I lost the use of my left hip joint. I just couldn't keep the payments up with

Inheritance Installment Processed By My Disability Case Worker [ July 10th 2018  8:43 am ]

The inheritance installment I received on June 29th 2018 has now been processed by my disability case
worker. I am glad this is done. My case worker is being very good about this. I am hopeful by the time

Considering Other Options For Importing A Mobility Scooter And Mobility Scooter Trailer [ July 9th 2018  9:45 pm ]

I've been continuing to research the various mobility scooters during the past day. It is obvious that
if I am going to buy a mobility scooter I need a trailer to match it. When I was thinking about this

Arrived Home From The Seated Exercise Program [ July 9th 2018  3:13 pm ]

I've been to the seated exercise program today. I continue to be pleased with the decision to switch
to this for my exercise. Overall I fare so much better after this than I was making out after using the

Assessing Importing A Mobility Scooter And Mobility Scooter Trailer [ July 8th 2018  9:43 pm ]

I've been thinking about a lot about my quality of life. I am considering buying a mobility scooter and
mobility scooter trailer. Having this would prevent my from needing to use my wheelchair outside. It

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