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Providing The Framework For An Accessibility Related Renovation To A Children's Organization [ December 6th 2017  2:50 pm ]

Yesterday I had a conversation about the need for accessibility renovations for a children's program in
the community where I live. This is a topic I am passionate about. I've just finished writing out the

Feedback From My Ontario Disability Support Program Case Worker From My 2017 Income Report [ December 6th 2017  11:11 am ]

My disability case worker left me a phone message while I was resting. He has accepted the summary I
prepared about the money I earned with my youTube videos in 2017. In fact he was very impressed. The

Increased My Disability Retirement Savings Plan [ December 5th 2017  6:25 pm ]

I've been contributing a nominal amount to my Registered Disability Savings Plan each month. I started
at $10 a month. Then I increased it to $12.50 a month. I've now decided to increase this to $14 a month.

2017 Income Report For My Ontario Disability Support Program Case Worker [ December 5th 2017  3:36 pm ]

At the start of 2017 I had a conversation with my disability case worker about the income I would begin
earning with my youTube videos. Since the money would be nominal and not affect my disability benefit

Requesting New Pain Medication [ December 4th 2017  6:45 pm ]

On the weekend I wrote a short letter to my family doctor. In a summarized fashion I let him know where
I am with my pain control. The past few weeks have been very difficult for me. My pain has been out

A Visit With A Friend [ December 2nd 2017  7:10 pm ]

A friend has come to visit me and is going to spend the night. My dad died earlier in the week. He wanted
to check on me and catch up. I wasn't close to my dad. This hasn't affected me like when my mom died

Medication Delivery [ November 29th 2017  10:40 am ]

My new pain medication has been delivered. There is one additional pain medication prescription I will
need prior to my family doctors Christmas vacation. I will make arrangements for this next week. My

December 2017 Non Perishable Grocery Order Delivery [ November 27th 2017  10:43 am ]

The delivery has occurred for my non perishable grocery order for December 2017. What remains for me
to purchase is fresh fruit, eggs, butter and meat. I've purchased ingredients to make trail mix. I am

I Went Into A Deep Sleep Last Night [ November 23rd 2017  2:53 pm ]

Last night I went into a deep sleep. This is a very rare event. It may have been 8 months since the
last time I had a quality nights sleep. I need a few more quality nights sleep to feel rested and no

Placed My December 2017 Non Perishable Grocery Order [ November 21st 2017  4:03 am ]

I've just placed my non perishable grocery order for December 2017. This has proven to be so helpful
to me during the previous 4 months. The amount of groceries I am able to order and have delivered all

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