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UPS Battery Backup Is Now Online [ February 21st 2018  10:45 pm ]

I've just completed the steps to modify my UPS Battery Backup. I host my own web sites. This is to keep
the web sites online during a power outage. Many of the projects I am working on are in progress right

Called Clinic For Fax Number To Provide My Medical History [ February 20th 2018  11:27 pm ]

I have completed a summarized medical history for my assessment on February 27th 2018. I've called the
clinic to ask for the fax number so I could fax this in advance of my appointment. I thought it would

Response From The Police Traffic Division For Low Speed Vehicles [ February 20th 2018  8:20 am ]

The scooter I found which goes 35 kilometers per hour isn't presently lawful for use on Ontario's roads.
I was provided with a summarized document showing what has been recently changed. It is obvious there

E-Mailed Belleville Police Force Inquirng Electric Scooter Road Rules [ February 19th 2018  6:56 pm ]

I was suppose to go out this evening. I couldn't do so because of rain. My wheelchair just doesn't do
well in the rain. There is significant risk of serious damage to the electronics. I spent some time

Some Frozen Meals From A Neighbor On My Street [ February 18th 2018  4:37 pm ]

A few months ago when I was feeling very weak because of the pain and broken sleep I prayed for God to
bring me some meals. Part of this is for encouragement. The other practical component is making it easier

Requesting A Longer Hose For My Kitchen Side Spray [ February 18th 2018  4:32 am ]

In my day to day life I use the side spray hose so much. The traditional kitchen faucet is just too short.
The reaching and bending hurts my hips and knees. I use the side spray hose several times a day. It comes

Changed Kitchen Side Spray [ February 17th 2018  8:05 pm ]

Call From My Disability Case Worker About My Wheelchair Tire Maintenance [ February 16th 2018  12:01 pm ]

I've just spoke to my disability case worker by phone. He has encouraged me to have a quote from a local
mobility store sent directly to him and have them perform the tire changing maintenance. I had sought

Did 30 Minutes Of House Cleaning [ February 16th 2018  11:36 am ]

I've just finished 30 minutes of house cleaning. What I worked on is the deep cleaning of my home. It
feels fantastic. With the other stuff I've been dealing with I am so happy to be able to do this. I want

Purchased Upgraded Batteries For UPS Battery Backup [ February 16th 2018  9:51 am ]

I've purchased the pair of upgraded batteries for my UPS battery backup. Boy am I excited. I am working
really hard to becoming self employed. I really want more than the disability pensions I receive for

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