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Taking Groceries To A Youth
[ July 30th 2018 10:41:00 pm ]

Tonight I've been able to do something really special. I surprised one of the youth with groceries and feed for his pet cat. This was so rewarding.

Around 8PM one of the youth started an online conversation with me. He was feeling the stress and anxiety of not having groceries and feed for his cat. I've known this youth for a few years now. It has been amazing watching him grow as a person and in life.

After talking for 30 minutes it was obvious there was an opportunity to make a difference by providing an essential amount of food. Initially while talking I tried to arrange the delivery of restaurant food. I am talking about a quality sit down meal. After around 20 minutes it was obvious a delivery service wasn't available.

I contacted a friend of mine while continuing to listen and support the youth. He was available to take me tom the youths home if I went to a store and purchased groceries. This is exactly what I did. We left my home to delivery the groceries at 10:10PM. It was so wonderful to surprise the youth. His gratitude was well worth this. When these opportunities present themselves I find it so rewarding.

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