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Session Three Of The Living Well With Chronic Conditions
[ July 19th 2018 3:40:00 pm ]

Today was session 3 of the "Living Well With Chronic Conditions" course I am taking. The challenges I have with my physical disability and chronic pain have lasted more than 13 years now. However it wasn't near as serious at the start. After I had time to adjust and figure out a base skill set for the logistics of life I was able to resume being engaged in life. The reason I took the course was for the discussion that would naturally occur. I haven't been let down.

Part of the course has been about thinking about your life and the practical application of the various topics. This has been helpful. I've been thinking hard about my life and goals for the next few months. I've been making myself notes so I don't forget my ideas.

The other part of this course is the practical part of applying what I am learning. I've been using my tablet and blue tooth keyboard to take notes. I think this helps set me up for the best quality of life possible. I will have something to reference as I go about life. My tablet and blue tooth keyboard have both been portable and practical for taking to the course.

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