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Weather Station, Tablet Keyboard And Water Jug Delivered
[ July 16th 2018 3:31:00 pm ]

I've had some parcel deliveries today.

  • Weather Station: To perform a wind study on my back yard. This is to assess if the wind is sufficient to power a low wind speed residential wind turbine. I am working out a strategy to offset the electricity the new servers will consume.
  • Tablet Keyboard: This is to make it easier posting the links to my youTube videos to social networks and the tablet in general.
  • Water Jug: It has become too difficult to refill my mug with water from the kitchen. I can't take the pain. This water jug I've purchased is insulated and holds 2 liters or roughly half a gallon of water.

I have a lot of hope for my life. All these items (and others I have coming) will help promote a better quality of life for me.

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