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His Family Doctor

I have a very special relationship with my family doctor. He took me on as a patient when I suddenly lost the use of my left hip joint 13 years ago. As I've studied and learned in depth about the hip and knee joints I am able to take part in directing my care.

A big part of what has made the working relationship relationship with him especially helpful and beneficial to me has been my family doctor's ambition for learning. His additional training for pain management and understanding of physiotherapy has served me well in the management of my long term physical disability.

His Surgeon

My family doctor has been an excellent advocate in preparing referrals. It has also been a team effort in my surgeon seeing the passion and commitment I have for my life during consultations where joint replacement surgery is being considered. This was important when needing joint replacement surgery typically performed on seniors.

Where my family doctor has an overview of my life and health I have the impression that my surgeon sees me a set of joints. It is a different dialogue and relationship that I have with my surgeon. While it is important that I am able to trust my surgeon their skill set is only needed for a specific moment in time.

The other component which is important to acknowledge: There are more than one surgeon in the world. When I've felt uneasy about a surgeon I don't want this individual operating on my body. I need someone who believes in what they are doing making changes to my body.

His Physiotherapist

With funding cutbacks to Ontario Canada's health care what is available to me is only a home exercise program. With a complicated medical history a home exercise program is ineffective. This leaves me with the responsibility of making decisions when the typical set of physiotherapy exercises doesn't work.

His Dental Care

Pain is the bodies warning mechanism. The component of dental care in my treatment has taken on great important. I almost lost a tooth because of not being able to feel the cavity developing. Chronic pain medication doesn't just block arthritis pain. Having a set of eyes on my teeth a few times each year is important.

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