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Donation Of No Longer Needed Small Kitchen Appliances And Fish Tank [ June 28th 2018  5:55 pm ]

I've just donated small appliances and a fish tank I am no longer using. When my help comes tomorrow
I am going to have her work in the kitchen. This will help break the grid lock on the counter top. I

Gifts For A Youth To Complete His High School Credits [ June 28th 2018  1:23 pm ]

I've been able to do something very special today. When I purchased the color lazer printer in March
I started thinking about who I could gift my ink jet printer to. I wanted to give it to someone who could

Deliverires To Hazardous Waste [ June 28th 2018  12:12 pm ]

I've used my power wheelchair to make some delivered to the local household hazardous waste depot this
morning. I've turned in my worn out sump pump, vacuum cleaner and two worn out wheelchair batteries.

Delivery Of The Auxillary Paper Trays For My New Color Lazer Printer [ June 28th 2018  10:29 am ]

The 2 paper trays I ordered for the color lazer printer have been delivered. It is encouraging to see
this. This is a step closer to my pursuit of self employment. I really want more for my life. I am

Home From The Dentist [ June 27th 2018  12:21 pm ]

I had an urgent dental appointment today. One of my teeth had been paining me for 2 weeks. After the
2 weeks I wanted someone to look and see if there is anything obviously wrong with my tooth. There are

New Vacuum Cleaner [ June 26th 2018  2:39 pm ]

I spotted a used vacuum cleaner being sold by the thrift store near my home for $10. The motor on my
just seized. I am grateful for this. I try to be a good steward of my money.

Obtained A Medical Travel Form For Travel To An Upcoming Course [ June 26th 2018  2:25 pm ]

I've been to the disability office. I just picked up a medical travel form. I am wanting to take a 6
week course for those living with chronic conditions. The health care facility where this is located

Ordered Auxiliary Paper Trays For My New Color Lazer Printer [ June 25th 2018  8:00 pm ]

I've ordered the 2 auxiliary paper trays for my new color lazer printer. I had a coupon 15% off coupon
saving me nearly $100. The use of the color lazer printer to desktop publish my books is key to my pursuit

Seated Exercise Program [ June 25th 2018  3:15 pm ]

I've been able to attend the seated exercise program today. I've enjoyed it. Today was the end of the
spring session. We were asked to complete a survey while having a light snack. I was able to get to

Picked Up The Saw Blade For Make The Audio Cabinet [ June 25th 2018  8:25 am ]

I signed up for an e-mail alert when the blade fitting my table saw comes on sale. It is 50% off this
week. I paid for it online the first day it came on sale. I picked it up today. The reason I need the

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