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Lobbying For The Creation Of A Scotter 'Slow Vehicle Class' For Ontario Canada [ March 13th 2018  8:31 pm ]

I've done some research into alternative electric scooters. I am referring to small vehicles which are
enclosed and safe to use during rain and snow. My research has led me to discover these aren't legal

Delivery Of My Office Desk Phone [ March 12th 2018  8:44 am ]

My new office desk phone has been delivered. I am really pleased with this. This is a voice over IP
phone. The calls it makes will initially go through my home network. I have mail ordered a 'dialer'

Scanning And Shredding My Utility Bills [ March 11th 2018  9:46 pm ]

I've started the next step in the deep cleaning of my home. I am using the scanner component of the new
printer to digitize all my utility bills. Then I will shred the originals. This is going to free up

The Printer Has Been Delivered [ March 6th 2018  10:51 am ]

My new colr lazer printer has been delivered. The box made me laugh. It is big enough to hold my power
wheelchair. I expect there is a lot of packaging to buffer and protect the printer from damage during

Purchased A Color Lazer Printer [ March 3rd 2018  1:06 pm ]

I just took a solid step forward in my pursuit of self employment. I've just mail ordered a high quality
color lazer printer. The printer product line up at the office supply store is changing. The purchase

Loading My Office Supplies Onto Shelves [ March 2nd 2018  5:07 pm ]

The past two hours have been very successful. Two youth have helped me begin loading my office supplies
and tools onto the new shelves I purchased for this task. I need to purchase a third shelf. Thankfully

Completed My 2017 Income Tax Return [ February 28th 2018  11:12 pm ]

I've completed my 2017 income tax return. The next time I am out I will drop this off to the federal
building in the community where I live. Preparing my income tax return provides me with access to a variety

Began The Cleaning Around My In Home Office [ February 28th 2018  11:36 am ]

I am continuing my home cleaning. I am now focusing on my home office. I've obtained numerous supplies
and tools. They need proper storage. Ultimately I am working towards all my tools having their own home

New Coffee Maker Delivered [ February 28th 2018  8:36 am ]

My new coffee maker has been delivered. This is really important to me. There are a handful of youth
who randomly show up at my door for a listening ear. Serving coffee shows them I care. It also helps

An Assessment By A Physiatrist [ February 27th 2018  11:18 am ]

Today I had an assessment by a physiatrist. I am very happy with this appointment. In the 3 weeks leading
up to today's appointment I prepared a summary of my medical history. Then I went back and highlighted

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