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The Referral For Me To Be Assessed Has Been Received By The Surgeon [ September 26th 2017  10:51 am ]

I've just had confirmation that the referral to the surgeon who will be assessing me next has been received.
This particular surgeon went out of his way to assess me in 2011 - 2012. I am hoping he has some ideas

Placed My Monthly Non Perishable Grocery Order [ September 25th 2017  10:43 pm ]

Throughout September I've been keeping track of what non perishable food I've consumed. As long as you
are logged in the grocery store I use allows you to save your selections and prepare an order over several

Renewed My House Insurance Policy [ September 25th 2017  2:40 pm ]

I've renewed my house insurance policy for the entire year. This will save me the 'service charge' created
when paying monthly. More importantly I'll no longer have a per-authorized chequing account payment.

Dental Cleaning [ September 22nd 2017  1:00 pm ]

I've had my next regular dental cleaning. I have another small cavity. We've made an appointment for
the start of October to fill it. I have to thank the hygienist for her alertfulness. This cavity didn't

Booking A Follow Up Appointment With My Family Doctor [ September 22nd 2017  9:22 am ]

I've just booked a follow up appointment with my family doctor from the trip to the hospital emergency
department earlier in the week. I need help getting my chronic pain back under control.

Reporting Rough Roads To City [ September 21st 2017  11:49 pm ]

The ride home from using the swimming pool has been very painful this evening. One of the streets which
I drive my power wheelchair on the side of the street has been resurfaced. It is now very rough. I am

A Trip To The Emergency Department Of My Local Hospital [ September 20th 2017  12:01 pm ]

I've just arrived home from a visit to the emergency department of my local hospital. My pain was out
of control this morning. I need to follow up with my family doctor. It is obvious this isn't working

Crepe / Tortilla Machine Delivered [ September 19th 2017  9:13 am ]

I've spent $30 on tortillas during August and September. I enjoy cooking. I can save money by making
my own tortillas for my meals. I mail ordered a crepe / tortilla maker. It will pay for itself in savings

Referral To My Surgeon Didn't Get Prepared [ September 18th 2017  10:35 am ]

Last week I left a phone message for the next surgeon who will be assessing me. This surgeon went out
of his way to help me in 2011 - 2012. My pain was out of control. I wanted to know what medicine an

Mail Ordered Automobile Plug Disconnects For My Power Wheelchair Accessories [ September 17th 2017  10:40 am ]

I've now ordered one of the final components for my power wheelchair modifications. I am going to use
waterproof automobile plugs to make provision for disconnecting the electronics for my power wheelchair

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