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Placed My Non Perishable Grocery Order For January 2018 [ December 22nd 2017  2:56 am ]

I've placed my non perishable grocery order for January 2018. With this order I've also purchased a paper
towel dispenser. I think this will make it easier for me when I am working in my kitchen. I've also

Reached Out To The Building Department [ December 22nd 2017  12:23 am ]

I've sent an e-mail to someone I know in the City where I live who works in the building department.
I am beginning to have a number of preliminary planning questions about what I would like to do with the

Mail Ordered Laminating Pouches For My Business Cards [ December 21st 2017  11:00 pm ]

In the fall I mail ordered 1,000 business cards. I did this to encourage "word of mouth" discussion growing
my youTube channel. I am making a unique "promo code" serial number on each business card and then laminating

Considering The Purchase Of A Piano [ December 21st 2017  4:25 pm ]

Music really helps people, like myself, who experience chronic pain. I know how to play the piano. I
really miss it. I've previously played for many church services and weddings. I want to use part of

An Appointment With The Bank Concerning My Inheritance [ December 21st 2017  2:31 pm ]

At the start of the week I received a copy of my dad's will. I had presented to him what the disability
pension I receive requires for an inheritance. My dad didn't follow through with this. When my inheritance

Confirmation Of a Cheque In The Mail [ December 21st 2017  2:20 pm ]

My dad's profession was an account. He had a life insurance policy from professional association of accountants.
I am receiving ⅓ of this. I've received confirmation that the cheque for these funds is being mailed

10 Year Road Map To Reforming Social Assistance In Ontario Canada [ December 18th 2017  3:21 pm ]

In today's mail I received my disability statement for January 2018. An important insert was included
detailing a road map to overhauling social assistance in Ontario Canada over the next decade. I've reviewed

Receiving Communication From The Lawyer Concerning My Dad's Will [ December 18th 2017  2:50 pm ]

I've just received today's mail. In it was a copy of my dad's will and a form for me to complete affirming
my brother as the executor of my dad's will. Although I would never wish my dad dead in exchange for

Making Excellent Progress Cleaning [ December 17th 2017  3:25 am ]

I've done some more cleaning today. I can't begin to tell you how good it feels. I've made really solid
progress in organizing my home. I know once I have the 12 foot x 26 foot "shed" on my property renovated

Phone Message Requesting Knee Assessment Survey [ December 13th 2017  12:56 am ]

Immediately prior to my October 31st 2017 assessment with a local orthopedic surgeon I was asked to complete
a knee assessment survey. I've asked to receive a copy of this for my files. I want to go over what

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