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Placed An Online Order Using Gift Cards For Chicken And Salads [ May 12th 2018  2:22 pm ]

Today I used gift cards I received for a local restaurant delivery. This is to help me with my meals.
I am wanting to use my energy for my cleaning and other chores I am trying to accomplish right now. These

I've Been Approved For The Disability Property Tax Credit Offered By The City Where I Live [ May 11th 2018  1:47 pm ]

A few months ago I received the annual application for the property tax rebate for disabled home owners
in the city where I live. In today's mail is the approval letter. I've received the 2018 grant for $400

Spent Time With A Youth After School Finished [ May 10th 2018  2:50 pm ]

Today I spent time with a youth after school finished. I found it rewarding. I am trying to do something
with my life that is worth while. I am hoping I am able to make a bit of a difference in the community

Applied To Vote By Mail For Ontario's June 7th 2018 Election [ May 9th 2018  2:57 pm ]

The Province of Ontario Canada is having a general election on June 8th 2018. I'd like to vote. With
my chronic pain being so volatile I never really know how I am going to be doing in advance. There are

Spent Time With A Youth Duing His Lunch Break From School [ May 9th 2018  12:45 pm ]

Today I spent some time with one of the youth during his lunch break. It was rewarding. He wrote me
a letter thanking me for being a good role model to him and accepting him as he works through his issues.

Donation Delivery To Second Hand Store [ May 8th 2018  7:35 pm ]

I've had some more success with my deep house cleaning. I've made another delivery of stuff I no longer
need or can use to the second hand store. I've come to really enjoy doing this.

Changed Knee Injection Appointment Time [ May 8th 2018  2:23 pm ]

My family doctor's office called. They need to change my appointment time. It is still the same day.
It is approximately 2 hours later.

Hip And Knee Physiotherapy Equipment Has Been Delivered [ May 7th 2018  1:53 pm ]

As part of my medical appointment on May 3rd 2018 I agreed to purchase a specialized piece of hip and
knee physiotherapy equipment. This seems to be the appropriate follow up to the injection. The troubles

Medication Is Ready For My Injection [ May 7th 2018  12:06 pm ]

I've just spoke to the pharmacy. The medication to be injected into my right knee joint is ready. It
will be delivered this afternoon. It doesn't require special storage. The injection is on May 24th 2018.

Gracious Help Of A Neighbour Making My Side Walk Accessible For My Wheelchair [ May 6th 2018  6:20 pm ]

I am so thankful from what just happened. One of my neighbours just spent about 75 minutes trimming a
tree by my sidewalk. What he has done is made it so much easier for me to drive past the tree using my

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