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An Artificial Intelligence Bot For A Programmers Chat Room Made A Zinger About My Wheelchair [ October 5th 2017  5:59 pm ]

I had a really good laugh just now. There is a programmers chat room I often use. There is an artificial
intelligence bot that monitors the channel. Periodically it will contribute to the conversation. I am

Cooked The Meat Portion Of My Meals For October 2017 [ October 4th 2017  5:54 pm ]

Over the past 2 days I've cooked the meat portion of my meals for all of October. I made 12 home made
hamburgers. This was my first time making hamburgers. I've also made 42 servings of meat loaf. Some

Requested An October 31st 2017 Assessment [ October 4th 2017  5:43 pm ]

My surgeon's administrative assistant returned my phone call. I've asked for an October 31st assessment.
A 4 week wait isn't bad.

Inquiring Surgeon Consultation Time Frame [ October 3rd 2017  11:00 pm ]

I am really struggling with my pain control. I am feeling exhausted. It has been hard resting with the
pain in my spine, both of my knees and both of my hips. I've left a phone message for my surgeon's administrative

New Disability Case Worker [ October 3rd 2017  10:44 pm ]

My disability case worker has changed for the benefits I receive from the Province of Ontario. This will
be the 3rd case worker since I started receiving the disability benefit. There are a few issues I need

I Had A Cavity Filled [ October 3rd 2017  2:05 pm ]

Another cavity formed in a tooth at the back of my mouth. It is now filled. The appointment went well. My
chronic pain has been out of control throughout September. I saw the x-ray of my tooth. The cavity was

Painted The Battery Compartment Of My Power Wheelchair After A Leaking Lead Acid Battery [ September 28th 2017  10:00 pm ]

In August one of the lead acid batteries in my wheelchair. The acid stripped the rust proofing paint
from the battery compartment. I've finished spray painting the battery compartment with primer and 3

Delivery Of My Non Perishable Grocery Order For October 2017 [ September 28th 2017  10:44 am ]

My non perishable grocery order for October 2017 has been delivered. I am very pleased. It is so helpful
not having to make between 10 and 12 trips with my wheelchair to bring this food home. By doing this

Faxed The Next Surgeon To Assess Me A Summary Of My Physical Disability [ September 27th 2017  10:56 pm ]

I've now completed a 4 page summary of my physical disability and faxed this to the surgeon who will soon
be assessing me. He will be reviewing my referral tomorrow. This will help him begin thinking of what

Fixed A Hole In My Wheelchair Seat Cushion [ September 27th 2017  9:20 pm ]

My power wheelchair has an air filled cushion I sit on. This helps absorb vibrations as I drive the wheelchair
on the side of the street. It is a pain control tool. Periodically the cushion gets a puncture. This

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