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Time With A Youth [ April 10th 2018  12:19 pm ]

This morning I spent some time with youth. I enjoyed it. It is rewarding. I am also reminded of how
volatile their world is. Good things happen with simply listening.

Purchased A Susain Peddle For My Keyboard [ April 8th 2018  1:58 am ]

I want to spend some time playing the piano again. I miss this a whole lot. I often playing the piano
for weddings and church services prior to my serious hip issues. I don't know that this will be easy.

Routine Dental Cleaning [ April 6th 2018  2:19 pm ]

I've had my next routine dental cleaning. It went well. My dentist office has recently undergone accessibility
and overall building improvements. This has really helped make it easier for me to enter the building

My Anatomically Correct Knee Joint Models Have Been Delivered [ April 6th 2018  12:37 pm ]

The pair of anatomically correct knee joints I mail ordered have just been delivered. I am going to bring
these to my family doctor and ask him to mark them to reflect the MRI imaging deterioration. I need to

Appointment With A Dietician [ April 6th 2018  9:59 am ]

I've completed an appointment I requested with a dietitian. There were very specific questions I had
going into the appointment. I provided these before the appointment. The dietitician prepared handouts

Photocopied New Pain Journal [ April 5th 2018  8:54 pm ]

I am running low on pages within the journal I keep to record the medication I take to manage my pain.
I've just used the ‘copier' mode on my new printer to make more. One of the features in this printer

Reached Out For A Sewing Machine [ April 4th 2018  10:18 pm ]

One of the youth I am supporting has expressed an interest in becoming proficient in using a sewing machine.
He has used his grandma's. In a video conference a few days ago I watched him hand sewing. This seems

Patreon Money January to April 2018 Usage [ April 2nd 2018  10:19 pm ]

I've used my youTube channel Patreon sponsor money as a payment towards the color lazer printer I've recently
purchased. I have until the end of April 2018 to pay for this before interest charges will apply. I will

Completed Configuration Of Network Storage Device [ April 1st 2018  11:02 pm ]

I think I've completed the network storage device backup setup. There still may be some tweaking to do
during the coming days. The hard work is done. I am very pleased with this. This was really important

Changing My Furnace Filter [ March 28th 2018  9:49 pm ]

This evening a long term friend stopped by my home. He changed the filter on my furnace. This is one
of the tasks I can't perform myself. I am glad this is done. It was time for it to be performed.

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