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Arrived Home From The Seated Exercise Program [ July 9th 2018  3:13 pm ]

I've been to the seated exercise program today. I continue to be pleased with the decision to switch
to this for my exercise. Overall I fare so much better after this than I was making out after using the

Assessing Importing A Mobility Scooter And Mobility Scooter Trailer [ July 8th 2018  9:43 pm ]

I've been thinking about a lot about my quality of life. I am considering buying a mobility scooter and
mobility scooter trailer. Having this would prevent my from needing to use my wheelchair outside. It

Progress Cleaning [ July 7th 2018  7:54 pm ]

The bathroom has now been deep cleaned. The floor, sink, shower and toilet have all been scrubbed. Then
the floor was washed. I've donated the unused shelves stored under the stairs. I am very pleased with

Ordered The New Servers [ July 6th 2018  4:36 pm ]

I took my next big step towards my self employment aspiration. I've placed the order for the new server
cluster. It is really exciting to have reached this step. I am interested to see how God uses the videos,

Server Migration Preparation [ July 6th 2018  1:18 pm ]

I am making continued progress with the server migration process. I am really pleased. I am looking
forward to offering an encrypted connection and have the web site automatically adjust to the screen size

Inquiring Cost Of Importing A High Quality Scooter [ July 5th 2018  10:30 pm ]

I've begun the process of considering a mobility scooter for outside driving. It makes a lot of sense
to pursue this. It is a huge challenge keeping the sand, grit, dust and salt my wheelchair tracks into

"Living A Healthy Life With Chronic Conditions" Session 1 [ July 5th 2018  3:34 pm ]

Today was the first class in a 6 week - 6 session course I am taking. I was right in my assessment to
take this. Although I know a lot about this life style and have been able to figure out how to live my

Assembled The Shelf For The Bathroom And Server Computer - Equipment [ July 4th 2018  10:30 pm ]

I've completed my big goal for today. I've assembled the 2 shelves for my next steps in my deep house
cleaning. I was able to do this sitting down. This was really rewarding. However I can tell this was

Delivery Of Shelves And Groceries [ July 4th 2018  11:00 am ]

My latest round of mail ordered non perishable groceries have been prepared. As part of this order I
purchased 2 sets of shelves. These are for the ongoing deep cleaning and re-organizing of my home: My

More Donations For The Thrift Store [ July 3rd 2018  9:07 pm ]

I've just made another trip to the thrift store. The cleaning today has been very successful. I am finding
it very rewarding being able to move on with my life.

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