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I Have Made Arrangements To Receive My Bone Scan Report [ October 17th 2017  1:14 pm ]

I need a copy of my August 4th 2017 bone scan report. It is the documentation a nurse will need to make
a recommendation for an upgraded mattress. The effort to get an upgraded mattress for my electric "hospital"

Performed Physiotherapy Ultrasound On My Right Knee Joint [ October 17th 2017  12:13 am ]

Again this evening my knee joints are exceptionally painful. It is to the extent that a decent nights
rest isn't possible. I am giving my right knee joint a physiotherapy ultrasound treatment to reduce the

Booked Help Pruining Trees In My Back Yard [ October 16th 2017  5:37 pm ]

A friend is going to help me prune the trees in my back yard. He is coming on Friday. The fence line
needs to be re-established. I will be glad to see this done. I care about my property.

Booked Knee Assessment With Orthopedic Surgeon [ October 16th 2017  5:27 pm ]

The assessment for my knee joints is on October 31st 2017. I previously prepared and then faxed a 4 page
summary to the surgeon. The content could fit on 2½ pages. I made it easy to read. Under normal circumstances

Requesting Copy Of My August 4th 2017 Bone Scan Report [ October 14th 2017  10:42 am ]

Logistically speaking it will be easiest for me to obtain a copy of my bone scan report from the surgeons
office who will be assessing me at the end of October. This report is needed for a health care professional

Making Fantastic Progress Preparing The Waterproof Motorcycle Stereo System For Installation On My Power Wheelchair [ October 14th 2017  10:39 am ]

The process for preparing the waterproof motorcycle stereo system for installation of my power wheelchair
is going well. The speaker brackets are now bent to the right angle for joining the speakers to my

Inquired About A Better Mattress For Pain Control [ October 13th 2017  10:45 am ]

I've started making inquiries about getting a better mattress for my pain control. There is discretionary
funding available. I need a formal recommendation from either a nurse, physiotherapist or doctor. I need

Purchased A Bike LED Light For One Of The Youth In My Community [ October 12th 2017  9:35 pm ]

In today's mail I received a Bike LED Light I mail ordered. This is for a 15 year old youth in the community
I am supporting. I delivered this on the way to use the pool this evening. He is thrilled. This particular

Inquiring If I Have Funding For A Therapeutic Mattress [ October 12th 2017  9:20 pm ]

There is a nursing home worker who attends the Thursday evening swim with her young son. I talked to
her tonight for help figuring out what can be done for my spine. The pain in my lower spine is severely

Very Strained Knee Joints [ October 11th 2017  12:25 am ]

It is becoming very common for my knee joints to be severely inflamed after I arrive home from using the
pool and conditioning center equipment to improve my core upper body strength to compensate for the arthritis

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