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Recharged The Batteries That Unlock My Home [ November 5th 2017  2:05 pm ]

About 6 years ago I purchased a dead bolt lock for my home which had a number pad my home care workers
could use to let themselves in when I was in bed and too weak to make it to the door. After paying for

One Of The Youth Spontaneously Told Me My Walking Is Improving [ November 3rd 2017  9:25 pm ]

One of the youth just told me my walking improved since he was at the gym 3 weeks ago. He watched me
take about 8 - 10 steps as I was setting the weight on one of the conditioning center machines to help

Added Clear Coat UV Protection To The Stereo System Soon To Be On My Power Wheelchair [ November 3rd 2017  3:30 pm ]

I've started applying the UV protective coating to the stereo speakers for my power wheelchair stereo.
I was hoping to mount the stereo speakers this evening. I've just discovered the holes I am using in

Building A System To Manage My Laundry Storage [ October 30th 2017  1:13 pm ]

I've spent about an hour sorting through my laundry. I am ultimately planning to use a set of shelves
to hold my laundry in the long term. I am working out to figure out what is best and most compatible

My November 2017 Non Perishable Grocery Order Delivered [ October 30th 2017  11:24 am ]

My non perishable grocery order has been delivered. Hopefully over the next few days I will get this
unpacked. I really appreciate this. The amount of groceries delivered would otherwise take 10 - 12 trips

Submitted My November 2017 Non Perishable Grocery Order [ October 26th 2017  9:33 am ]

I've just placed my November 2017 non perishable grocery order. This has really helped improve my quality
of life since I began this in late summer. This leaves to buy my milk, eggs, meat, yogurt and cheese.

I Can Apply For An Emergency Grant [ October 26th 2017  9:02 am ]

I've found out the emergency winter housing grant offered by the county where I live is going to be available
again this year. As I was approved last year I will be sent out an application form when they are ready. I've

Received Bone Scan Report [ October 19th 2017  2:49 pm ]

I've just received a copy of my bone scan report. This documents the arthritis deterioration in my spine. The
next step in the process of applying for funding to get a new mattress for my electric "hospital" bed

A Small Second Degree Burn While Soldering My Stereo Wiring Harness [ October 19th 2017  9:30 am ]

I've had a small accident this morning. I am preparing waterproof wire connectors for a waterproof motorcycle
stereo system I purchased for my power wheelchair. In addition to crimping I am also soldering all the

A Nurse Is Willing To Complete The Paper Work For Funding A Special Mattress And Therapeutic Mattress Cover [ October 17th 2017  8:17 pm ]

A community nurse aware of my physical disability and chronic pain is willing to make the recommendation
for an upgraded mattress for my electric "hospital" bed. The use of an electric bed was a strategy employed

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