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Donations To Second Hand Store [ April 27th 2018  1:01 pm ]

I've continued with my deep home cleaning. I just dropped off another donation. I am finding it very
rewarding seeing the volumne of stuff I own decline. It is great taking solid steps forward towards my

Spent Time With A Friend [ April 27th 2018  10:53 am ]

Today I spent time with a friend. It was quite nice. It has been a while since I spent time with a person
for any other reason than needing practical help at my home or helping me by giving me a ride for a specific

Purchased An "All In One" Computer With Touch Screen For Displaying Music [ April 20th 2018  12:30 pm ]

I've ordered an "all in one" computer with a touch screen. This is going to be for displaying music as
I play the piano. The motions of standing, reaching and bending for music will trigger my pain. Having

Notice Of Assessment For My 2017 Income Tax Return [ April 20th 2018  11:25 am ]

I did my own income tax return for 2017. I've received the notice of assessment in today's mail. They
found one mistake I made. I am exempt from federal income tax. They refunded the payment I made at the

Delivery Of May 2018 Non Perishable Groceries [ April 20th 2018  10:52 am ]

My non perishable grocery order for May 2018 has been delivered. When I placed my order in May 2018 it
took closer to a week to arrive. This one arrived after 2 days. I am glad it is here. I will get it

May 2018 Non Perishable Grocery Order [ April 18th 2018  12:07 am ]

I've placed my May 2018 non perishable grocery order. I am starting to apply the handouts the dietitian
gave me a few weeks ago. I've got some gift cards for a local restaurant take out which sells cooked

Delivery Of UPS Battery Backups [ April 17th 2018  12:11 pm ]

The UPS battery backup - surge protectors arrived. In the end I purchased 2. They are for providing
backup power and surge protection to my Internet connection and the keyboard - speaker. I host my own

Inquiring About College For A Youth [ April 15th 2018  12:35 am ]

One of the youth I am supporting has expressed an interest in cooking. I'd like to be able to supply
him with facts about this as a career option. I think it might bring some direction for his adult life.

Mail Ordered The UPS Battery Backup Responsible For My Internet Connection [ April 13th 2018  10:34 pm ]

I've mail ordered a UPS battery backup - surge protect for my Internet connection. Right now it is being
protected by the server UPS. I am going to relocating the new server. This will faciliate needing the

Purchased The Hardware To Digital Keyboard To Resume Playing Piano For Enjoyment [ April 13th 2018  1:30 am ]

I've purchased the remaining hardware I need to resume playing the piano for enjoyment. This is an electric
keyboard I was gifted in 2006. The keyboard is made for use in a church, concert or event space. It doesn't

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