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Had My Teeth Cleaned [ January 5th 2018  2:10 pm ]

I had my routine dental appointment. There is nothing serious happening with my teeth. The dental clinic
has a new polishing treatment. It is superior to the previous swishing floride for 2 minutes. This new

Delivered The Life Insurance Payment Paper Work I Received To My Disability Case Worker [ January 5th 2018  12:25 pm ]

As part of the commitment to receiving the disability pension offered by the Province of Ontario I need
to report monetary gifts I receive. I've copied the paper work I received with the life insurance payment

The City Acknowledged My Input For Fear Based Door To Door Sales Tactics [ January 4th 2018  2:58 pm ]

Last week a door to door sales agent used fear tactics in improving my home water. I recognized this
and ended the sales pitch. I've witnessed how hard the city has worked to improve the water distribution

Inquiring About My Registered Disability Savings Plan And Inheritance [ January 4th 2018  1:43 pm ]

The next big challenge I have is retaining my eligibility to the disability pension due to the funds I
am receiving from my dad's estate. There are financial eligibility criteria I must observe. My dad didn't

The Next Step In Settling My Dad's Estate [ January 3rd 2018  5:30 pm ]

I've just received instructions that I need to sign a legal document releasing money from a registered
plan my dad had. I already have a contact at the bank and will request an appointment. Snow storms are

Deposited Life Insurance Cheque [ January 2nd 2018  7:10 pm ]

I've deposited the life insurance cheque. There is a 5 business day hold for the cheque to clear. This
doesn't affect my immediate plans for the renovation.

My Thesaurus Arrived! [ January 2nd 2018  6:30 pm ]

A few weeks ago I mail ordered a thesaurus. It arrived! I purchased this to help me have ideas for my
youTube video keywords. This will help those who are doing searches find the material I prepare. I am

Life Insurance Cheque Arrived [ January 2nd 2018  1:30 pm ]

The life insurance cheque arrived. This will make it possible for me to afford the building materials
for the office renovation on my property. In turn this is going to break the grid lock in my home and

Mail Ordered Sand Paper To Make Faux Marble For My Future Office [ January 1st 2018  1:13 am ]

I took next step towards my future office. I am going to create a faux marble desktop. I am also planning
a filing cabinet at the two ends of the desk. I want to make faux marble for the fronts of the filing

Mail Ordered A Splash Mask For When I Am Working With Batteries [ January 1st 2018  12:33 am ]

I've been doing a lot of work with 12 volt batteries during the past few months. I can see this is going
to continue throughout my life. Some of this relates to my power wheelchair. I've also recently modified

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