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Purchased Hardware To Make A Brazing Rod Holder [ May 3rd 2018  2:00 pm ]

Today I purchased the hardware necessary to make a holder for my brazing rods. I am using ABS plumbing
parts for this purpose. It is an innovative solution. It continues with my goal of organizing my possessions.

A Helpful Appointment With My Family Doctor [ May 3rd 2018  10:55 am ]

I've had a helpful appointment with my family doctor today. I've discovered spraying hot water on my
right knee joint temporarily relieves the pain. It uncovered well defined pain that needs medical attention

Financial Planning Appointment From My Dad's Estate [ May 2nd 2018  2:10 pm ]

I've had a very helpful financial planning appointment concerning my pending inheritance from my dad.
I am trying to remain an Ontario Disability Support Program recipient. But my dad didn't specify in his

Delivered More Hazardous Waste [ May 2nd 2018  12:12 pm ]

I've delivered more of my worn out electronics to the hazardous waste depot. What's been occuring to
me as I make each trip to hazardous waste and the second hand store to make donations is that there is

I Just Brazed (Welded) Aluminium For The First Time! [ May 1st 2018  4:11 pm ]

I just did my "proof of concept" braze of aluminium. I am so happy about this. I am going to use brazing
aluminium to assemble the stand to hold the "all in one" computer. I have a bit more planning to do in

Guitar Track [ April 30th 2018  8:35 pm ]

One of the youth who looks up to me as a father figure was at the gym tonight. When I told him of my purchases
he offered to do a guitar track for my music when I am ready to record and begin a fund raiser for a long

The "All-In-One" Computer With Touch Screen For Displaying Music Is Here [ April 30th 2018  1:54 pm ]

The computer I mail ordered to display music while I am playing the piano has been delivered! I am excited
about this. I am really looking forward to frequently playing the piano. It is nice focused some effort

Renewal Of My Disability Tax Certificate [ April 30th 2018  12:07 pm ]

In today's mail is confirmation that my disability tax certificate has been renewed for another 3 years.
I am quite glad of this. This provides me with the best ability to plan for my future. This status helps

Mail Ordered Sound And Power Cables For My Mixer Board [ April 30th 2018  12:09 am ]

In today's purchase I've ordered various audio and power cables for my mixer board. I am treating this
as an investment. I am buying the cables I'll need in the long run. I've decided to purchase cables

Mail Ordered Mixer Board [ April 29th 2018  6:56 am ]

I've been thinking. In fact I've been thinking a lot. This has been about my life, the direction I am
trying to go in and what I am hoping to accomplish in the next 5 years of my life. It is abundantly obvious

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