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Delivered A Load To Household Hazardous Waste [ July 24th 2018  2:24 pm ]

I've just delivered a load to hazardous household waste for safe disposal. It is just so rewarding seeing
my home emptying out. This is part of the exciting part of the deep cleaning and reorganization of my

New Servers Have Been Delivered [ July 24th 2018  10:41 am ]

The new servers I ordered have been delivered! I am so excited. They offer so much hope and a huge opportunity
for an improved quality of life for me. They are a tool to facilitate the vision I have for self employment.

Help From A Youth Installing My Video Surveillance Camera And Cleaning [ July 19th 2018  5:22 pm ]

Today one of the youth came over to help me. It was really inspiring. He helped me install the video
surveillance camera I purchased. When this was completed he helped me with some cleaning. I am so grateful

Session Three Of The Living Well With Chronic Conditions [ July 19th 2018  3:40 pm ]

Today was session 3 of the "Living Well With Chronic Conditions" course I am taking. The challenges I
have with my physical disability and chronic pain have lasted more than 13 years now. However it wasn't

Help Cleaning From A Youth And More Donations [ July 18th 2018  4:37 pm ]

One of the youth just spent the past two and a half hours helping me with my cleaning. I am really grateful
for this. What we've been able to accomplish is amazing. What I need help with is bringing the stuff

Delivery Of A Backup Hard Drive To Archive My youTub Videos [ July 17th 2018  2:30 pm ]

The second network hard drive I mail ordered has been delivered! I am really pleased with this. It has
6TB of storage. I will be using this to archive my youTube videos. Each youTube video is using close

Delivery Of Customized Cheques [ July 17th 2018  1:53 pm ]

The customized cheques I ordered on the weekend have been delivered! I am really grateful for this.
The business who did the customized printing did a wonderful job paying attention to the layout of the

A Very Helpful Financial Planning Meeting [ July 17th 2018  1:20 pm ]

Today I took the next step in the financial planning related to the disbursement of my dad's estate and
the recent installment I received. I initiated this appointment. The first thing accomplished was arranging

Donation To The Thrift Store [ July 16th 2018  3:45 pm ]

I've made another trip to the thrift store. It is so wonderful getting rid of what isn't part of my life
now. I am really enjoying getting my home organized.

Weather Station, Tablet Keyboard And Water Jug Delivered [ July 16th 2018  3:31 pm ]

I've had some parcel deliveries today. Weather Station: To perform a wind study on my back yard. This
is to assess if the wind is sufficient to power a low wind speed residential wind turbine. I am working

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