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Phone Message Inquiring Time Frame For Physiatrist [ January 17th 2018  3:47 am ]

I've decided to leave a phone message for the physiatrist who will be assessing me next. I wonder if
it is possible to get an approximate time frame until this appointment will occur.

Trip To The Emergency Department [ January 17th 2018  3:16 am ]

My knee pain went severely out of control yesterday at 4PM. I've lost all the progress I've made. The
pain in both of my knee joints joint line is becoming severe as soon as I stand up. I couldn't do more

Modifying Digital Piano Being Considered [ January 15th 2018  2:59 pm ]

I've asked for the digital piano I am considering buying to be slightly modified. The accessory connections
are on the underside of the keyboard under the lowest keys of the piano. I can't bend to see and use

Making Great Progress Laminating Business Cards [ January 14th 2018  10:35 pm ]

I am making really solid progress preparing the business cards for my youTube channel. I am adding a
unique "Promo Code" label for each business card so I am able to track it's usage. I want to acknowledge

Received Estate Asset List [ January 12th 2018  6:09 pm ]

I've received the estate asset list from the recent death of my father. This is helpful for me in planning
how to use the funds I will eventually be receiving. On account of my physical disability I've been living

Discussion With A Physiotherapist [ January 11th 2018  10:00 pm ]

Over the past few days I've engaged in dialogue with my physiotherapist. I've explained the frustration
I am experiencing with my family doctor and myself not being in agreement with what is wrong with my knee

Hard Drive Delivered [ January 9th 2018  12:06 pm ]

A hard drive has been delivered! I mail ordered this for use with the digital piano I am going to be
purchasing this spring. I will be using this to record myself. I am really looking forward to buying

Frustrating Medical Appointment [ January 9th 2018  11:30 am ]

I've had a very frustrating medical appointment. My family doctor and I are far apart on what we think
is wrong with my knee joints. When I get home I am going to have a long conversation with my physiotherapist.

Inquired Payment Method For My Piano [ January 6th 2018  11:55 am ]

After the appointment at the bank went so well I decided to stop in at the store where I am buying my
piano. I wanted to inquire how to pay for the piano. I've authorized these funds to be sent to the financial

Signed Estate Release Document [ January 6th 2018  11:15 am ]

I've just finished an appointment at the bank. I've signed a release document for the next portion of
my inheritance. When this money is released by the bank I will be purchasing an electric piano and using

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