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Two Youth Stopped In To See Me [ January 30th 2018  5:27 pm ]

If you saw my post yesterday you will know I've had very serious challenges with my hip joints (both)
during the past day. The continual theme of my life is the no lack of good things happening concurrently

Prepared An Update For My Disability Case Worker Of My Dad's Estate [ January 30th 2018  2:34 pm ]

I've prepared an update for my disability case worker with the recent details I've learned concerning
my dad's estate. This is a requirement for one of the disability pensions I receive. When I ask for

Loss Of Use Of My Hip Joints [ January 29th 2018  10:05 pm ]

This evening I used the pool as ususal for my physiotherapy. When I arrived home I had lost the use of
both my artificial hip joints for about an hour. The muscles supporting my artificial hips are in a very

Lobbying For Cap On Water Bills For Low Income Households [ January 27th 2018  1:45 am ]

I wrote a letter to the local water utility. I've asked them to consider putting a cap on water bills
for low income households. I see how this is affecting people receiving the disability offered by the

Changed Wheelchair Odomoter Battery [ January 26th 2018  5:03 pm ]

The digital bike odometer I fitted to my wheelchair is working out well. The screen is starting to dim.
I've changed the battery which powers this. I've also setup my calendar to change this battery every

Time Frame For An Appointment With A Physiatrist [ January 24th 2018  2:35 pm ]

I had made an inquiry about having a high priority physiatrist appointment. The company which drives
me to my medical appointments weren't able to take me with 3 days notice. My appointment will go through

Inquiring About A New Family Doctor [ January 19th 2018  1:57 am ]

I've sent an inqury for the standard wait for a family doctor in the region where I live. If the wait
is substantial I will need to go to the oversight of my family doctor. The inquiry I've made is to the

Inquiring About The Help Of A Dietician [ January 18th 2018  5:08 pm ]

I've sent an inquiry about meeting with a dietician. With the money from my dad's estate I could spend
a bit more money on groceries. I need to know what is going to be the best usage of money. I very rarely

Follow Up With My Family Doctor From Hospital ER Visit [ January 18th 2018  12:00 pm ]

The ER doctor asked that i follow up with my family doctor. I have an appointment with my family doctor
is about 2 weeks. I've left a message for him. I am being responsible with my usage of the pain medication.

The Shower Drain Vent Has Melted [ January 17th 2018  9:45 pm ]

I've had an unexpected problem with my home. The drain for my shower froze. We've had some fiercy cold
days. I’ve realized the venting in my basement to manage the humidity wasn't turned off before winter.

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