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Purchased Upgraded Batteries For UPS Battery Backup [ February 16th 2018  9:51 am ]

I've purchased the pair of upgraded batteries for my UPS battery backup. Boy am I excited. I am working
really hard to becoming self employed. I really want more than the disability pensions I receive for

I've Asked For An Appointment With A Community Nurse [ February 15th 2018  11:21 am ]

I've met the parents of different youth who attend the same gym as myself. One of the mom's is a nurse.
I've asked to spend some time with their mom to review the medical history I am preparing for my assessment

Phone Call With A Friend [ February 13th 2018  9:35 pm ]

I just had a really nice phone call with someone I've known for 19 years. Besides visiting we also prayed
together. I've come to really appreciate the friends in my life I've known for so long. One of this

Delivery Of A 5 Gallon Jug [ February 9th 2018  11:35 am ]

About a week ago I purchased a humidifier. It needs water added to it every 18 hours. I find this hard
with the bending and lifting required. A friend of mine who is an industrial electrician is working with

Researching My Options [ February 8th 2018  2:40 am ]

I've been thinking a lot about how to gain the maximum benefit from my inheritance. When I calculate
my cost of utilities, property tax and house insurance I don't reach the maximum $489 a month the Ontario

Ontario Disability Support Program Property Tax Rebate Application Arrived [ February 6th 2018  12:05 pm ]

The city where I live is genuinely very supportive of those who are disabled. Even though resources have
to be stretched in order to be effective and reach the maximum number of people I can see their intentions

Spoke To My Disability Case Worker About My Inheritance [ February 5th 2018  12:46 pm ]

I've had a really good talk with my disability case. I've been making some inquiries inheritance and
how it will affect the disability pension I receive. My case worker has been giving me the hands on practical

Delivered A Box Of Donations From My Ongoing Deep House Cleaning [ February 1st 2018  12:25 pm ]

My body is still doing ok. I've just delivered the next box of donations to the thrift shop near my home.
The way I see this is another four cubic feet of stuff from my home and life. I am enjoying the cleaning.

Delivered A Box Of Hazardous Waste [ February 1st 2018  12:05 pm ]

My pain is doing ok right now. I just delivered the box of hazardous waste for safe disposal. I've been
collecting this over the past 6 weeks as I've been continuing the process of cleaning my home.

February 2018 Non Perishable Grocery Delivery [ January 31st 2018  10:24 am ]

My non perishable groceries for February 2018 have been delivered. This leaves me to purchase fruit,
yogurt, meat and vegetables. I am looking forward to preparing the meals in my slow cooker for the month.

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