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Mail Ordered A Video Surveillance Camera [ May 24th 2018  2:41 pm ]

About two weeks ago my home was egged in the night time. It made me think about my safety and the vulnerability
I experience because of my physical challenges. I know the in-roads to mental health support services

Bilaterial Knee Injections [ May 24th 2018  12:25 pm ]

I've undergone injections into both of my knee joints this morning. The hope of this injection is to
help resolve the pain I am experiencing around my knee caps. This is just one of the areas of my knees

Purchase Paper For A Youth [ May 22nd 2018  3:20 pm ]

I did a few of my errands today. One of them has been to buy a package of blank paper. I am going to
gift my ink jet printer to a student in an alternative high school program. I have the color lazer printer

Purchase A Vice [ May 22nd 2018  3:08 pm ]

I've purchased a vice. It is on sale! This is a tool I've wanted one for several years now. I am glad
to own this. The initial project I need this for is making the stand to hold the computer while I am

Met With A Young Adult [ May 22nd 2018  2:50 pm ]

I met with a young adult today for about 10 minutes. This is someone who looks up to me. I purchased
a pair of ear buds in the hopes that listening to music will help him as a life skill. Recently he

Follow Up From My Home Being Egged [ May 22nd 2018  1:11 pm ]

I've had a follow up visit from the local police force from my home being egged. During the dialogue
I inquired the rules I must follow for adding a home video security system on my property. The rules

My Home Was Egged [ May 14th 2018  1:05 am ]

My home was egged. I think this was random. There are many youth in the community who look up to me.
I am going to report this in case there is a bigger pattern. It has reminded me of my physical challenges.

Voted By Mail [ May 13th 2018  6:12 pm ]

My voting by mail ballot arrived earlier today. This is for the June 7th 2018 general election in Ontario
Canada. I've completed the steps. I've now returned my ballot. I am trying to take part in normal day

Contacted Pharmacy For Skin Break Down Medication Prescription Renewals [ May 12th 2018  2:32 pm ]

The skin break down is just beginning to happen again. At present it isn't serious. It is something
I need to stay on top of. I've contacted the pharmacy to attain new prescriptions for the topical cream

Placed An Online Order Using Gift Cards For Chicken And Salads [ May 12th 2018  2:22 pm ]

Today I used gift cards I received for a local restaurant delivery. This is to help me with my meals.
I am wanting to use my energy for my cleaning and other chores I am trying to accomplish right now. These

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