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Called Clinic For Fax Number To Provide My Medical History [ February 20th 2018  11:27 pm ]

I have completed a summarized medical history for my assessment on February 27th 2018. I've called the
clinic to ask for the fax number so I could fax this in advance of my appointment. I thought it would

Response From The Police Traffic Division For Low Speed Vehicles [ February 20th 2018  8:20 am ]

The scooter I found which goes 35 kilometers per hour isn't presently lawful for use on Ontario's roads.
I was provided with a summarized document showing what has been recently changed. It is obvious there

E-Mailed Belleville Police Force Inquirng Electric Scooter Road Rules [ February 19th 2018  6:56 pm ]

I was suppose to go out this evening. I couldn't do so because of rain. My wheelchair just doesn't do
well in the rain. There is significant risk of serious damage to the electronics. I spent some time

Some Frozen Meals From A Neighbor On My Street [ February 18th 2018  4:37 pm ]

A few months ago when I was feeling very weak because of the pain and broken sleep I prayed for God to
bring me some meals. Part of this is for encouragement. The other practical component is making it easier

Wooden Shelves For My Office Supplies And Tools Delivered [ February 18th 2018  10:39 am ]

It is amazing. The wooden shelves I mail ordered a few days are have been delivered. I am looking forward
to getting these assembled and continuing to organize my life.

Requesting A Longer Hose For My Kitchen Side Spray [ February 18th 2018  4:32 am ]

In my day to day life I use the side spray hose so much. The traditional kitchen faucet is just too short.
The reaching and bending hurts my hips and knees. I use the side spray hose several times a day. It comes

Placed My March 2018 Non Perishable Grocery Order [ February 18th 2018  12:36 am ]

Today I placed my March 2018 non perishable grocery order. I am hoping to make oatmeak breakfast cookies,
chicken, veggie and rice soup and navy beans, tomatoes and rice for my main meals this month. I really

Changed Kitchen Side Spray [ February 17th 2018  8:05 pm ]

Call From My Disability Case Worker About My Wheelchair Tire Maintenance [ February 16th 2018  12:01 pm ]

I've just spoke to my disability case worker by phone. He has encouraged me to have a quote from a local
mobility store sent directly to him and have them perform the tire changing maintenance. I had sought

Did 30 Minutes Of House Cleaning [ February 16th 2018  11:36 am ]

I've just finished 30 minutes of house cleaning. What I worked on is the deep cleaning of my home. It
feels fantastic. With the other stuff I've been dealing with I am so happy to be able to do this. I want

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