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Mail Ordered Sand Paper To Make Faux Marble For My Future Office [ January 1st 2018  1:13 am ]

I took next step towards my future office. I am going to create a faux marble desktop. I am also planning
a filing cabinet at the two ends of the desk. I want to make faux marble for the fronts of the filing

Mail Ordered A Splash Mask For When I Am Working With Batteries [ January 1st 2018  12:33 am ]

I've been doing a lot of work with 12 volt batteries during the past few months. I can see this is going
to continue throughout my life. Some of this relates to my power wheelchair. I've also recently modified

A Visit With My Friend Discussing My Future Housing [ December 30th 2017  11:35 pm ]

A friend came to see me tonight. He wanted me to consider buying a condo when I receive my inheritance.
The immediate benefits would relate to yard work and snow removal. I've completed the work of an actuator

January Non Perishable Grocery Order Delivery [ December 29th 2017  11:28 am ]

My January 2018 non perishable grocery order has been delivered. Once again this helps me so much. The
amount of groceries delivered equal 10 to 12 trips bringing the food to my home using my power wheelchair.

Approved For Low Income Winter Housing Subsidy [ December 29th 2017  7:20 am ]

I've been approved for the low income winter housing subsidy I applied for in November. I will receive
$250 a month in January, February and March. It is really going to make a difference. This resolves

Christmas Day Outing [ December 25th 2017  8:35 pm ]

I've just arrived home. A family had me over for the day. It has been terribly hard on my body. I know
I will need the week for my body to recover. But some times these trade offs are worth it. I can't be

Christmas Monetary Gifts [ December 25th 2017  6:29 am ]

I've received some Christmas monetary gifts. I've prepared the necessary paper work for my disability
case worker to report these. This won't affect my disability pension benefit rate. This is routine reporting.

UPS Battery Backup In Service [ December 24th 2017  5:31 pm ]

I've just put my UPS Battery Backup back into service. I've modified it to now have 5 batteries instead
of 1. This protects the server hosting my web sites from power surges and according to the UPS Battery

Mail Ordered A Form To Create A Custom Interlocking Brick Driveway And Sidewalk [ December 24th 2017  1:00 am ]

I find it very rewarding creating things and using my hands. It also fascinates me to learn how things
are made. One of the projects I've been planning for my home is an interlocking brick drive way. At present

Unexpected Random Act Of Kindness [ December 22nd 2017  5:55 pm ]

I've experienced unexpected kindness. Someone just delivered a bunch of groceries and a card with $100.
It is huge encouragement. This family knows the effort I make to take care of myself. It is the best

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