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Yard Waste [ June 5th 2018  12:41 pm ]

A friend has helped me this morning. He took yard waste built up over the past years to the yard waste
depot in the city where I live. It is really nice getting this done. There is more pruning needing to

Attended A Seated Exercise Program [ June 4th 2018  3:05 pm ]

I've attended the seated exercise program for the first time. I am really glad I did. The atmosphere
of the group is friendly. They are accepting. They understand I have limits. I am not the only one

The Knee Pain My Recent Injections Was Suppose To Resolve Is Back [ June 2nd 2018  5:20 am ]

On May 24th I underwent experimental injections into both of my knee joints. The hope was to permanently
resolve some of the pain I've been experiencing. The injections have proven to be unsuccessful. The pain

Medication Delivery [ June 1st 2018  11:20 am ]

My latest medication delivery just occurred. I really enjoy the short conversations I have with the delivery
employee. It leaves me feeling encouraged. I am set until my July 3rd 2018 appointment.

Visited The Local Community Health Center [ May 31st 2018  12:29 pm ]

After ending my gym membership this morning my plan is to begin attending a seated exercise program.
It is a different approach to maintaining my bone density and muscle strength. This won't offer me a

Ended My Gym Membership [ May 30th 2018  11:15 am ]

I just ended my gym membership. I've been using this gym since spring 2015. The past 8 months have proven
this is unsustainable and time to try something different. The use of the pool for physiotherapy now

Appointment With Counselor Friend [ May 30th 2018  9:55 am ]

I just finished a discussion with my friend who is a counselor. He is a really good sounding board for
me. The discussion I had was very helpful. I am reconsidering how to manage the logistics of my day

I've Woke Up With Extreme Joint Swelling [ May 30th 2018  8:05 am ]

My hip joints are very swollen this morning. The length of my step has been reduced to 4cm or roughly
1½". My walking speed is less than 1 meter (about 3 feet) a minute. This really brings home what I've

I Can Feel The Pain The Injection Was Suppose To Stop [ May 26th 2018  3:25 am ]

I feel gutted. The pain my knee injections 2 days ago was suppose to end has already come back. This
is really too bad. I was wanting it to work. I suppose it still could. I've been this road before

Quality Nights Sleep [ May 25th 2018  5:40 pm ]

I've had the first quality nights sleep in several months. It appears the injection yesterday at noon
gave me this immediate benefit. Broken sleep has been an ongoing problem. It would be life changing

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