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Placed Non Perishable Grocery Order [ August 28th 2018  12:27 am ]

I've placed my next non perishable grocery order. I've been spending my time working on the deep cleaning
of my home, making videos for my youTube channel and the modifications to my mobility scooter. I need

Help Trimming The Trees [ August 27th 2018  3:20 pm ]

Today one of my friends has come by. Some trees in my yard needing pruning. They were starting to rub
on the roof. They have been cut back. I am so glad this is done. It is for the building I am going to

A Visit With A Friend [ August 23rd 2018  7:55 pm ]

Today one of the young adults that went off to university last year came for a visit. This was very fulfilling.
It was great catching up. He also really encouraged me. With how he didn't see me over the course of

Purchased A Basic Welder [ August 22nd 2018  3:25 pm ]

Today I've purchased a basic welder. It is designed to work with metals up to ⅛" thick. It is ideal
to learn on. With my physical disability I will quickly be able to assess if this is something I physically

I Lost A Game Of Lazer Tag [ August 20th 2018  7:35 pm ]

There are two families living on my street with boys 10 years old. Tonight one of them asked me to play
lazer tag with him while using my wheelchair for mobility. The parents are supportive of me spending

Supporting Someone With Cystic Fibrosis [ August 20th 2018  1:10 pm ]

It was mentioned to me that someone here in Ontario Canada needs a High-Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation
Therapy (commonly referred to as a 'shaker vest'). The person couldn't find funding for this treatment

Donating My Modified Skates [ August 20th 2018  1:04 pm ]

Last week I reached out to a pediatrist I know. This persons job involves modifying footwear to accommodate
a leg length discrepancy. I suffered from this due to my Legg Perthes disease. Even though I haven't

Did 20 Minutes Of Cleaning [ August 19th 2018  8:53 pm ]

I just did another 20 minutes of cleaning. This is my limit for today. I've gathered up the metal for
recycling. Over the past few months I've noticed people go around the night before recycling and collect

Talked To A Neighbor About Welding Additional Supports Into My Mobility Scooter [ August 19th 2018  8:10 pm ]

I went to see a neighbor tonight. He is in the fair smash up derby each year. I originally asked him
if he had a welder and asked if I could try it. I explained I was considering buying one and wanted to

Wrote A ‘Thank You' E-Mail To The Counselor That Helped Me In My Teens [ August 16th 2018  9:57 pm ]

I needed a lot of support and practical help during my teen years. I've thought different times just
how much help it was for the counselor that helped me sort out my life. The foundation of managing stress,

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