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Laminated The Next 40 Business Cards [ September 17th 2017  1:23 am ]

A few weeks ago I mail ordered and received 1,000 business cards to promote my youTube videos and this
web site. It is my first major marketing effort to see the vision God's given me grow. I thoroughly

Holes Drilled For My Wheelchair LED Lighting And Foot Rest Position Switch [ September 16th 2017  4:25 pm ]

The days are getting shorter. It is now dark when I drive home after using the pool each week night.
I desperately need the permanent lighting on my wheelchair. I've been to the hardware store. I found

Surgeon's Administrative Assistant Returned My Phone Call [ September 15th 2017  1:01 pm ]

I've had a very helpful phone call from my surgeon's administrative assistant. She completely understood
the question I was asking about pain control and not revoke any possible options the surgeon is able to

Mail Ordered A Waterproof Motorcycle Stereo System [ September 15th 2017  7:23 am ]

After finishing in the pool one of the youth had several ideas for me. One of the ideas was that I should
listen to music as I drive my power wheelchair to and from the pool each week night. This is a 23 minute

Left Phone Message For My Surgeon About My Pain Being Out Of Control [ September 14th 2017  10:35 pm ]

Once again my pain has gone out of control. Tonight is the sixth instance where I've wanted to attend
the local emergency department of my hospital during the past 2 weeks. This has been a physical marathon.

Spoke To A Pharmacist For Emergency Pain Control [ September 11th 2017  10:18 pm ]

My pain control has been in a crisis state much of this past week. I am reaching the point where I am
very physically worn down. I can't continue to live with my pain being out of control. This evening

Quote For New Wheelchair Tires [ September 11th 2017  8:21 am ]

I am considering my options for new wheelchair tires. I have received a quote for what the wheelchair
came with. There are more durable options. I need to weigh the pros and cons of what my decision will

A Thank You Letter [ September 8th 2017  11:13 am ]

Between November 2016 and February 2017 I was the patient of a physiotherapy clinic in the business wing
of a hotel. The area in town where this is located was under construction and not wheelchair friendly. The

A Thank You To The Packaging Employees [ September 4th 2017  10:17 pm ]

During the past 2 months I've ordered my non perishable groceries through WalMart Canada's web site.
They deliver directly to my home. It has helped improve my quality of life. I've just wrote a letter

Mail Ordered 1,000 Business Cards [ September 3rd 2017  9:31 pm ]

I've started thinking about how I can market my youtube channel and see this grow. I've decided to start
by ordering a set of business cards. I am going to enhance these. I am going to use my label maker to

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