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Did 30 Minutes Of House Cleaning [ June 24th 2018  10:19 pm ]

I just did 30 minutes of house cleaning. I've had to stop. My joints are going stiff. I just physically
can't continue or I won't be able to sleep tonight. I don't want this to sound negative. I find it really

Computer Monitor For A Young Adult I Am Supporting [ June 21st 2018  10:23 am ]

I have received a computer monitor. It is for one of the youth I am supporting. The purpose of this
monitor is in the efforts to help this youth complete his final high school courses. He is in an alternative

Lawyer Take Two [ June 21st 2018  9:27 am ]

The lawyer I initially reached out to has referred me onto a different law firm in town. I've reached
out to this lawyer using their contact form using the same introduction I prepared. I see it as helpful

Mail Ordered A 10 Foot Charging Cable For My Tablet [ June 19th 2018  10:58 pm ]

I've mail ordered a 10 foot cable for charging my tablet. With my physical disability I risk tripping
on wires. I've purchased a longer cable so I can route the wire while charging away from me while the

Watched One Of The Youth Play Soccer [ June 19th 2018  8:45 pm ]

I've just finished watching one of the youth in the community where I live play soccer. I've really enjoyed
doing this. I've known the youth I went to watch for almost 3 years. A friendship has formed. It is

My Samsung Galaxy Tablet E Has Been Delivered! [ June 19th 2018  1:59 pm ]

On the weekend I ordered a Samsung Galaxy Tablet E with a 9.6 inch screen. It has been delivered! The
purpose of this tablet is to share my youTube videos on Instagram. This is the next step is working towards

Arranged A Computer Monitor For One Of The Youth In The Community [ June 14th 2018  11:08 am ]

I've had a really special appointment this morning. The Province of Ontario has gifted me a 22 inch flat
screen monitor. This is for one of the youth in the community. I've arranged this to help make it easy

Exchanged Defective Hand Held Shower Head [ June 13th 2018  3:06 pm ]

Yesterday I purchased a new hand held shower head. It is defective from manufacturing. I've just returned
it. Instead I found a highly water efficient model on clearance. This replacement model is about triple

Attended Seated Exercise Program [ June 13th 2018  2:21 pm ]

I've attended the seated exercise program this afternoon. I am very pleased with it. It is obviously
one of the better decisions I've made to help myself. This is just a completely different approach to

New Hand Held Shower Head [ June 12th 2018  5:30 pm ]

My hand held shower head cracked. I've been very fortunate. I found a water efficient shower head on
clearance. I've purchased this. I installed it myself. I had to pace myself. It was really rewarding.

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