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I Went Into A Deep Sleep Last Night [ November 23rd 2017  2:53 pm ]

Last night I went into a deep sleep. This is a very rare event. It may have been 8 months since the
last time I had a quality nights sleep. I need a few more quality nights sleep to feel rested and no

Placed My December 2017 Non Perishable Grocery Order [ November 21st 2017  4:03 am ]

I've just placed my non perishable grocery order for December 2017. This has proven to be so helpful
to me during the previous 4 months. The amount of groceries I am able to order and have delivered all

Tonight I Helped A Grade 11 Student With His Home Work [ November 16th 2017  10:39 pm ]

This evening has been very rewarding. I helped a grade 11 student with his home work. He approached
me. This was for a school project about the knee joint. I am single. I don't have any children. On

Convalescent Care Inquiry [ November 15th 2017  4:19 pm ]

I've sent an inquiry about a local inpatient convalescent care program. It is a diversion program when
a typical healing from joint replacement surgery doesn't occur or someone suffers a stroke and the recovery

Appointment With My Family Doctor [ November 13th 2017  3:20 pm ]

I've had an appointment with my family doctor. We continue to agree to disagree over a diagnosis for
my knee joints. My family doctor continues to stick with his original diagnosis even though the symptoms

Changed Bearings That Make The 4 Small Wheels Go Around On My Wheelchair [ November 12th 2017  3:39 pm ]

The bearings for the 4 small wheels on my wheelchair have been needing changing for the past month. I've
just completed this task. They should not need to be changed again until the spring. My wheelchair is

Completed Emergency Winter Housing Grant Application [ November 10th 2017  4:58 pm ]

I've now completed the application form for the emergency winter housing grant and have duplicate copies
of my housing bills to prove my cost of housing. I will check if there an after hours drop box I may

Emergency Winter Housing Grant Application Arrived In Today's Mail [ November 8th 2017  1:09 pm ]

In today's mail is an application form for a grant I received last winter. It is an emergency housing
grant to prevent homelessness. Over the next few days I need to compile my current mortgage, house insurance

Recharged The Batteries That Unlock My Home [ November 5th 2017  2:05 pm ]

About 6 years ago I purchased a dead bolt lock for my home which had a number pad my home care workers
could use to let themselves in when I was in bed and too weak to make it to the door. After paying for

One Of The Youth Spontaneously Told Me My Walking Is Improving [ November 3rd 2017  9:25 pm ]

One of the youth just told me my walking improved since he was at the gym 3 weeks ago. He watched me
take about 8 - 10 steps as I was setting the weight on one of the conditioning center machines to help

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