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Purchased More Frozen Meals [ September 2nd 2018  1:16 pm ]

Earlier this week between hospital trips I purchased some frozen meals. I was too weak to make my own
meals. To tie me over this works well. I told them what happened. They were really good to me. At that

Single Serving Rice Cooker Delivered [ August 30th 2018  12:13 pm ]

My single serving rice cooker has been delivered! I am glad this happened. I ordered it 2 weeks ago. In
April I made an appointment with a dietitian. I asked for advice to avoid constipation as a result of

Follow Up Phone Call From My Family Doctor Office [ August 30th 2018  9:32 am ]

My family doctor had his receptionist call me. He read the short letter I sent last night. He is satisfied
the Tylenol - Advil regime recommended during my second trip the emergency department is the appropriate

Accountability For Fever Medication Usage [ August 29th 2018  11:47 pm ]

I don't take lightly the trust my family doctor has in me with my responsible use of the pain medication
needed to manage my physical disability. The Tylenol - Advil regime the hospital put me on during my

Sent A 'Thank You' Letter To The CEO Of My Local Hospital [ August 29th 2018  10:33 pm ]

I just sent a short 'thank you' e-mail to the CEO of my local hospital. The emergency department staff
were so good to me during the 2 trips during the past 24 hours. I really appreciated this with how weak

Back To The Hospital [ August 29th 2018  9:47 pm ]

I've just arrived home from a second trip to the hospital. I developed a second fever. I didn't want
it to grow to become the same severity as what I went through 14 hours ago. I've been put on a regime

Follow Up A Pharmacist [ August 29th 2018  8:07 pm ]

I just arrived home from the pharmacy. I wanted to have the pharmacist look at the bruise the intervenius
formed. I don't recall if it requires any special attention. I am really weak. I want to make sure

Delivery Of My Non Perishable Grocery Order [ August 29th 2018  10:26 am ]

My non perishable grocery order has been delivered. This was left at my door while I was resting. I am
glad it is here. When my energy picks up I will make my granola bars. There are a few other things still

Had A Very Poor Reaction To A Routine Tetanus Immunization [ August 29th 2018  8:15 am ]

The tetanus immunization I had at my family doctor's office yesterday has triggered a very concerning
response within my body. It has been explained to me that the 72 hours following this injection the body

An Appointment With My Family Doctor [ August 28th 2018  10:53 am ]

I've had a really positive appointment with my family doctor. Also my family doctor and I connected in
a special way during this appointment. Officially the appointment was for managing my chronic pain.

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