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A Helpful Appointment With My Family Doctor [ March 14th 2018  10:43 am ]

I had an appointment with my family doctor yesterday. The patient before me didn't show up. We spent about
40 minutes together. I am not feeling frustrated now. This is the probably the first time in about 8

Purchased A Color Lazer Printer [ March 3rd 2018  1:06 pm ]

I just took a solid step forward in my pursuit of self employment. I've just mail ordered a high quality
color lazer printer. The printer product line up at the office supply store is changing. The purchase

Loading My Office Supplies Onto Shelves [ March 2nd 2018  5:07 pm ]

The past two hours have been very successful. Two youth have helped me begin loading my office supplies
and tools onto the new shelves I purchased for this task. I need to purchase a third shelf. Thankfully

Completed My 2017 Income Tax Return [ February 28th 2018  11:12 pm ]

I've completed my 2017 income tax return. The next time I am out I will drop this off to the federal
building in the community where I live. Preparing my income tax return provides me with access to a variety

Began The Cleaning Around My In Home Office [ February 28th 2018  11:36 am ]

I am continuing my home cleaning. I am now focusing on my home office. I've obtained numerous supplies
and tools. They need proper storage. Ultimately I am working towards all my tools having their own home

New Coffee Maker Delivered [ February 28th 2018  8:36 am ]

My new coffee maker has been delivered. This is really important to me. There are a handful of youth
who randomly show up at my door for a listening ear. Serving coffee shows them I care. It also helps

An Assessment By A Physiatrist [ February 27th 2018  11:18 am ]

Today I had an assessment by a physiatrist. I am very happy with this appointment. In the 3 weeks leading
up to today's appointment I prepared a summary of my medical history. Then I went back and highlighted

Non Perishable Grocery Delivery For March 2018 [ February 26th 2018  12:40 pm ]

Today has been a busy day for couriers coming making deliveries to my home. My non perishable grocery
order has been delivered. I will be able to make my next batch of navy beans soon. I enjoy cooking.

Ordered Shelves To Organize My Office Supplies [ February 23rd 2018  1:52 am ]

I've decided the next step in deep cleaning my home will be tacking my office area. I've decided to buy
2 shelves to hold my office supplies and tools. I think this will give the physical storage so all my

UPS Battery Backup Is Now Online [ February 21st 2018  10:45 pm ]

I've just completed the steps to modify my UPS Battery Backup. I host my own web sites. This is to keep
the web sites online during a power outage. Many of the projects I am working on are in progress right

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