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Watched One Of The Youth Play Soccer
[ June 19th 2018  8:45 pm ]
April 2018
Supporting A Family Member, Friend Or Neighbor With Chronic Illness
[ May 13th 2018 at 5:17 pm ]

I've just finished watching one of the youth in the community where I live play soccer. I've really enjoyed doing this. I've known the youth I went to watch for almost 3 years. A friendship has formed. It is neat seeing him transitioning into his adult life. We are getting into warmer weather n... Continue Reading

Throughout the month of April 2018 I've been taking stock of my life, needs and the resources I require to optimally function. I am coming to the conclusion it is unavoidable that I need to restructure my life. I don't know exactly what changes I will be making. I am thinking this through. I nee... Continue Reading

This video is a few ideas I have for supporting someone who is living with a chronic illness. It is from experience with people wanting to help but being unsure of how to do so. This is a video you could share with your family and friends to help them understand the changing needs a chronic illnes... Continue Reading

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