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Attended Session 2 Of Living Well With Chronic Conditions
[ July 12th 2018  3:58 pm ]
April 2018
Cleaning With Hired Help As A Strategy Overcoming Physical Handicaps
[ June 30th 2018 at 8:45 pm ]

I've had the next session of the course I am taking. I am really enjoying it. The topics are very practical. I am finding the discussion helpful.... Continue Reading

Throughout the month of April 2018 I've been taking stock of my life, needs and the resources I require to optimally function. I am coming to the conclusion it is unavoidable that I need to restructure my life. I don't know exactly what changes I will be making. I am thinking this through. I nee... Continue Reading

In this next video addressing the practical strategy of decluttering with a physical disability I address the option of hiring someone. This video is to give you the practical insight if you are considering this option. It will help you prepare for your hired help.... Continue Reading

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