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Hip And Knee Physiotherapy Equipment Has Been Delivered
[ May 7th 2018  1:53 pm ]
March 2018
Supporting A Family Member, Friend Or Neighbor With Chronic Illness
[ May 13th 2018 at 5:17 pm ]

As part of my medical appointment on May 3rd 2018 I agreed to purchase a specialized piece of hip and knee physiotherapy equipment. This seems to be the appropriate follow up to the injection. The troubles with my right knee joint won't be dealt with following this single injection. Some of the c... Continue Reading

Overall March 2018 has been a good month. I'm pleased with the progress I've made towards my goals. I've been able to spend time towards deep cleaning my home. I am enjoying getting organized. I've made really good progress scanning and then shredding my utility bills. When complete I'll be ab... Continue Reading

This video is a few ideas I have for supporting someone who is living with a chronic illness. It is from experience with people wanting to help but being unsure of how to do so. This is a video you could share with your family and friends to help them understand the changing needs a chronic illnes... Continue Reading

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