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Providing The Framework For An Accessibility Related Renovation To A Children's Organization
[ December 6th 2017  2:50 pm ]
November 2017
Fall Photo Montage
[ December 5th 2017 at 3:43 am ]

Yesterday I had a conversation about the need for accessibility renovations for a children's program in the community where I live. This is a topic I am passionate about. I've just finished writing out the frame work I would use from the point of addressing the need of an accessibility renovation ... Continue Reading

November 2017 hasn't been easy for me. I need to be honest and candid in this monthly update. While I am sitting her writing I am also thinking. I am having some very serious challenges with my pain control. When this happens it spills over into virtually every area of my life. There has been a... Continue Reading

My chronic pain has been very hard to control during the past few weeks. I needed some quiet time. Saturday I went out to enjoy nature. I took these photos at the same time. I've made the commentary about chronic pain. I hope you are able to enjoy this fall photo montage.... Continue Reading

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